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Deposit Opening

Complete one simple online form to open all your deposit accounts.

  • Checking Accounts

  • Savings Accounts

  • Money Market Accounts

  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
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Small Business Loans

Request a business loan of up to $250,000 and get instant approval.

  • Easy

  • Fast

  • Personal

  • Business Loans up to $250,000
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Wealth Builder

Build your wealth with best in class investment choices preselected for you.

  • Simple

  • Secure

  • Scientific

  • Rules-based, systematic investing
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Mortgage & HELOC

Apply for a mortgage or home equity line of credit with some of the best rates around.

  • Easy

  • Fast

  • Personal

  • Flexible products

What to expect during the mortgage application process.

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You will meet with a People’s United Bank mortgage expert to discuss both your short term and long term goals as a potential home owner.

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Appraisal & Processing

A licensed appraiser will appraise on the property being financed. An underwriter will verify your income and assets, review property information and credit documents.

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Your application and financial profile will be reviewed by a mortgage loan underwriter. If approved, a commitment letter will be issued.

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At closing all related parties meet to finalize the purchase and sale transaction, and you will execute the loan documents.