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Systematic Investing

Portfolio solutions built on data. Investment solutions designed for real-life financial objectives.
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We are long-term investors who deploy a rules-based, systematic investment process. We prioritize data in our approach to the markets. Clients benefit from a consistent, quantitative approach in which we engineer portfolios with tilts toward characteristics or ‘factors’ that academic research and practical, empirical analysis have shown to have rewarded investors in the form of enhanced returns over the broader market.

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Our portfolios are built through a data-intensive process evolved over decades of analysis and grounded in academic research.

We focus on factors or key metrics that contribute to a stock’s expected return, designing portfolios with greater exposure to those variables that should improve the portfolio’s risk-adjusted return.

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We are a research organization, the results of which are reflected in our client portfolios. On an ongoing basis we collaborate with noted academics to inform and advance our portfolio analytics for client benefit.

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We invest in portfolios that offer broad market diversification consistent with index or passive strategies, while taking positions that are actively different than the benchmark. This allows for the opportunity to outperform the benchmark, while carefully managing risk exposure.

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People’s United Advisors brings uncommon expertise in the form of pragmatic, thoughtful wealth management solutions to individuals, families and organizations. Our experienced professionals work as a team, bringing specialized knowledge and solutions to the conversation.

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Investment products are offered through People’s United Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor. People’s United Advisors, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of People’s United Bank, N.A.

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• May Lose Value

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