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Things have changed. Transitioning from an elite, members-only, private-client approach with the established Wall Street “wire houses” to a more quotidian mass market of mutual funds and online trading, investing has witnessed a rapid, democratizing—and inevitable—evolution over the past 40 years.

Today, investors can access a world of investments with the guidance of experienced, established money managers holding the reins. Portfolios designed to weather different and challenging market conditions are helping investors with a range of experience and wealth levels take part in the publicly-traded capital markets.

Something for everyone

It’s well understood that a key positive attribute of managed accounts is their ease of entry. Whereas investors of yore had to pony up substantial sums to earn the attention of an advisor, who would typically offer a single strategy from a single company (the advisor’s), today’s accounts are often multi-manager solutions available to the public for entry minimums as low as $25,000.

This democratization of the investment landscape is one of the bright spots for today’s investors. Along those lines, at People’s United Advisors, we are introducing Personal Wealth Solutions. This program is designed for investors who seek professional guidance, a wide range of investment choices, and the automation and convenience inherent in today’s technology. It’s an opportunity to customize a multi-manager portfolio to your individual risk/return profile.

Three factors that have defined the revolution

1: Objectivity

Today’s portfolio solutions reach across a wide spectrum of investment-management firms and products that offer clients the opportunity to select from funds and other strategies that make the most sense to them. Investors are not limited by a single fund company or a distribution platform’s house brand. This is a significant benefit for Personal Wealth Solutions investors, who are now able to select from the “best thinking” of multiple fund companies and investment managers.

For the DIYs (do-it-yourselfers), the ability to choose managers and funds that they can research and examine online adds a powerful and objective dimension.

2: Efficiency

Investing in a managed portfolio means keeping your investments aligned with your unique financial objectives, often via a suite of automated adjustments. Rather than relying on individual conversations to confirm changes to your portfolio in line with the prevailing market conditions, you can take advantage of automatic adjustments, rebalances, and trades in a Wealth Solutions portfolio matched with your goals.

And of course, you can still have those conversations with your portfolio manager if your situation changes—or whenever you wish.

3: Value

Simply stated, it would be hard to replicate on one’s own a managed portfolio that invests across investment styles and asset classes with professional guidance at a competitive cost. The value of a program such as People’s United Advisors’ new Personal Wealth Solutions is the integration of the investment strategies, management, trading, rebalancing, and administration, all under one roof.

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