Digital Identity Protection: Banking in the Year 2020

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Choice and convenience are the operative words in our financial lives today

With change comes challenge—the vulnerabilities inherent in digital dashboards. We’ve seen it with younger banking customers, with little brand allegiance to the familiar financial service giants, who are moving to new providers delivering convenience, aggregation and increasingly, security. One thing is clear, today’s financial customers seek digital protection.

What Matters Most?

Industry research points to convenience as a key priority. With convenience and the aggregation of data emerges a related priority—security. As the pandemic has driven more and more of the banking public into the digital landscape, protecting one’s digital footprint has become a must. After all, the modern behaviors of online banking and investing have become commonplace since the pandemic arose.

Protecting Your Digital Vulnerability

“Data breach,” a term that has migrated from the political action thriller to our own stay-at-home lives, is center stage.

Our socially-distanced lives drive us to more apps; more requests for our most privileged information; more searches for that perfect gift, that article or social media post, and for that site someone referenced earlier on a Zoom call.

Identity thieves will continue to find new ways to target and take advantage of victims.

Not so fast. The reality of digital fraud can be painful, expensive, and criminal.

Generation Breach

We’ve gone from protecting physical assets in a safety deposit box to digital ones in a virtual safe. But that virtual safe is vulnerable. Our data are displayed in hundreds, even thousands of platforms. When there’s money involved, the predators sharpen their skills. Given that today’s vulnerabilities are technologically complex, it’s more likely that our human errors and missteps invite financial chaos or even ruin.

Our Response: Introducing AlwaysChecking

People’s United Bank has been polling customers, analyzing the market, and testing consumer attitudes and priorities. Consistent with the trends referred to above, digital identity protection tested very high, particularly among younger consumers but also with wealthy customers. Today’s financial-service customer is no stranger to the breach culture at play among us.

Introducing AlwaysChecking—a digital identity protection service free with any personal checking account. Registration is online and customers can choose what they’d like monitored, including their passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards, social media accounts and their families Social Security numbers. Protecting what matters most is central to the principle behind AlwaysChecking. We know that There’s Only One You, Let’s Keep It That Way. AlwaysChecking is here to help!

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