Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) Agreement

This Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) Agreement (“Agreement”) governs the use of People’s United Bank’s eTreasury+. By accessing eTreasury+ or permitting anyone else to use it, you accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement on behalf of yourself and any person or entity authorized or otherwise permitted to act on your behalf. Before accessing eTreasury+ you should read this Agreement thoroughly and you may want to print it as it contains important terms that apply to you and anyone authorized to use eTreasury+.

Please review this Agreement regularly as we reserve the right to amend the terms of this Agreement and change the fees associated with the use of eTreasury+ at any time. If no notice is required by applicable law, we reserve the option, in our business judgment, to provide or not provide notice of such changes.

If we do provide notice of changes we may do so by posting the changed or new terms or fees online or mailing or e-mailing notice to you separately or in an account statement mailed to your address as it appears in our records or providing such notice in any other manner we choose. You agree that such notice is sufficient and you also agree that by using eTreasury+ after the Agreement or fees have been amended, whether notice has been provided or not, you accept the changed and/or new terms and/or fees.

Throughout this Agreement the words "we", "us", "our", “the Bank” and "People's United" mean People’s United Bank, N.A. The words "you" and "your" and “your company” mean any person or entity that has a business Deposit Account with us that may be accessed through eTreasury+ and includes each person acting on behalf of such entity. An entity includes sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures¸ limited liability companies, corporations, professional corporations, non-for-profit associations and corporations, government agencies, municipalities, and other such organizations. Terms that have special meanings are defined in the Glossary at the end of this document as well as in the People’s United Business Deposit Account Contract (BDAC).

As an eTreasury+ customer you can view account information, initiate transactions, and access reports online with respect to the deposit accounts, loan accounts, and overnight investments you have elected to access through eTreasury+. This may include access to the following:

  • Account Activity and Summary Reports
  • Deposit Account Information
  • Transaction Histories for Checking, Savings, Money Market, Loan, and CD accounts
  • Express Transfers (internal transfers made from one account to another account)
  • Bill Payments (available upon request)
  • Business Loan Payments
  • Business Overdraft Line Payments
  • Stop Payment Orders
  • Secure emails to the Bank

In addition to the above, if you are an eTreasury+ Treasury Management customer you may have access to further information and transactions related to those accounts or services you subscribe to that are accessible through eTreasury+. Depending on the type and level of services you have selected, you may have access to the following:

  • Special Summary Balance Reporting
  • BAI2 formatted transaction information
  • Wire Activity Reporting
  • Book Transfers (internal transfers made from one account to many accounts)
  • Advances from Business Lines of Credit (Bank approval required)
  • Principal-Only Payments to Business Loans or Business Overdraft Lines
  • ACH transactions including federal and state tax payments
  • Wire Transfers (domestic and/or international)
  • ACH Debit Block decisioning
  • Deposit Escrow Subaccount Reporting Services
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Controlled Disbursement

All reports and transactions available through eTreasury+ are described in greater detail online once you have signed on to eTreasury+ in the eTreasury+ help guides.

eTreasury+ Charges/Fees
Charges and fees are listed in our Schedule of Deposit Account Charges, in separate pricing and service agreements, and/or in other disclosures that may apply to accounts and Treasury Management services available through eTreasury+. Treasury Management services fees and charges applicable to your accounts are detailed on your monthly Account Analysis Statement. For each account accessed through eTreasury+, you authorize us to assess all applicable eTreasury+ fees against the balances held in any of your People’s United deposit account(s).

Accounts Accessible through eTreasury+
If you choose to do so you may link personal deposit and loan accounts in business online banking. If you link your personal accounts, both business and personal deposit and loan accounts and overnight investment accounts may be accessible by all of your company’s eTreasury+ users. If you link your personal/consumer deposit accounts, as a convenience to you, we will display your personal/consumer deposit account statements in eTreasury+. Please note, however, that federal law requires banks to deliver periodic account statements to you either in paper form or electronically, if you consent to electronic delivery. The fact that we display your periodic statement in business online banking does not satisfy this legal requirement. If you wish to have your periodic statements for your personal/consumer accounts delivered electronically, you must be enrolled in People’s United consumer online banking and have elected electronic statement delivery. If you do not enroll in People’s United consumer online banking including electronic statement delivery, we will send paper statements to your most current mailing address according to our records. Please note that depending on the type of consumer deposit account, you may incur a higher monthly fee for paper statements.

All accounts entitled for access by your company’s users in eTreasury+ are subject to review and approval by People’s United Bank. Use of such accounts by your company and/or by your users may be revoked at any time with or without notice. Once an account has been closed it will be deleted from viewing in eTreasury+ after 90 days including viewing of history, transaction functionality and, if applicable, eStatements on that account.

System and Hardware Requirements
You will need a personal computer (PC) with internet access to use eTreasury+ for online access to accounts and services. In addition a printer is highly recommended. The list of browsers currently supported by eTreasury+ can be found on our website


The equipment you will need to access eTreasury+, including any computer hardware, software, telecommunications (telephone line, cable, DSL, wireless) and Internet Service Provider (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Your Equipment") - is your sole responsibility. Different browsers and browser versions do not work identically, and in some cases can cause aberrations in system functionality. We are not responsible for any problems related to your browser or to Your Equipment. We are not responsible for any computer virus or any other problems that may be associated with the use of eTreasury+. You are responsible for all charges by any Internet Service Provider as well as telephone and other telecommunication charges incurred in connection with the use of eTreasury+.

Enrolling in eTreasury+
When you enroll in eTreasury+ you will need to select the accounts you wish to access online through eTreasury+. In order to enroll in eTreasury+, you must own or otherwise be entitled to access at least one People’s United Business Checking Account. Note that both your business and personal accounts may be viewable and accessible through eTreasury+. When you enroll you will create your User ID and Password. You will be assigned a Company ID and/or Digital Password Device

Assigning Roles - Primary User, Administrating Users¸ and Users
When you establish eTreasury+ services for your Company, you must identify a Primary User. The Primary User is personally entitled to access all services and all deposit and/or loan accounts available through eTreasury+.

The Primary User can add, edit, or delete additional eTreasury+ “Users” and assign service level and account level entitlements to Users (through “User Setup”). This means that for each individual User the Primary User identifies, the Primary User will be able to “entitle” the User to do one or more of the following:

  • Permit the User to view of one or more accounts in eTreasury+,
  • Permit the User to initiate one or more of the permitted transactions on one or more of the accounts in eTreasury+, and/or
  • Where applicable, permit the User to view one or more of the special reports provided to you.

The Primary User may require multiple approvals for (1) the designation of additional Users and/or Administrative Users and/or (2) changes to User entitlements. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU REQUIRE MULTIPLE APPROVALS TO HELP PROTECT AGAINST MISUSE. The number of approvals required for the designation of an Administrative User is set under the Approvals Required for Setup section on the Approvals Administration page within eTreasury+. If you opt for multiple approvals, the Administrative User will be required to get approval from another designated Administrative User before additional Users or additional Administrative Users are established and/or before User entitlements are changed.

The Primary User also may authorize one or more designated Users to be “Administrative Users” who may act in an Administration Role. Administrative Users are authorized to designate other Users and give those Users the same entitlements to services and accounts that the Administrative User has.

For accounts that have Wire, ACH, or Business Bill Pay services, the Primary User also is responsible for creating and/or modifying each individual User's daily maximum limit and account limits associated with Wire, ACH, or Business Bill Pay services. Each individual User’s limit may not exceed your company limit. If your company limit is changed (either by you or by us), making it more restrictive than the individual User limit, the individual User limit automatically is reset to your company limit.

If you change or remove any person as an authorized signer on any loan or deposit accounts entitled for access by any Company users in eTreasury+ at a Bank branch or over the telephone, you must immediately review and change your authorized Company users for each deposit and loan account entitled for access by any of your Company users in eTreasury+.
Please ensure that these changes are made promptly and that any security devices or tokens are disabled. The Bank will not be responsible for any losses, claims, expenses or damages as a result of your delay in updating Company authorized eTreasury+ users.

Adding Additional Accounts for Access through eTreasury+
The Primary User and/or any users entitled to an Administrative Role may request that additional deposit, loan, and overnight investment accounts be added to eTreasury+ only if they are an authorized signor for the new account that is to be added. They may be added by requesting the additional account by name and account number. The request can be sent to us as via secure email in eTreasury+ using the Contact us link under the Administration menu selection.

All new account requests are subject to review and approval by People’s United Bank. If approved, the new account will be added to the list of entitled accounts for use by your company through eTreasury+. After the change is made, the Primary User is once again entitled to all services and all accounts upon subsequent sign on into eTreasury+. The Primary User for your company must then set up the authorized User(s) for the new account and the new services available and authorized for each User with access to the new account. Adding a new account to eTreasury+ for your company may result in additional fee(s).

Linking Account(s)
You may link accounts owned by other persons or entities for access by your company and its users in eTreasury+ only when expressly authorized to do so by the owners of those linked accounts who have given this authorization with full knowledge that the Primary User shall be entitled to personally access and act on all linked accounts and shall have the authority to entitle other Users to access and act on the linked accounts. It is your sole and exclusive responsibility to obtain this authorization from all linked account owners after informing them of the Primary User entitlements/authorizations. All requests for linking accounts are subject to review and approval by People’s United. If you link personal and/or business accounts of multiple entities, you hereby agree on behalf of each separate person or entity owning the linked account(s) to be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You may elect, at your own risk and that of each owner of each linked account, but expressly not at the risk of the Bank, to use a common Company ID for accessing eTreasury+ for all linked accounts.

Company ID, User IDs, Passwords, Digital Password Devices

In order to access eTreasury+, you must use a Company ID, User ID, Password, and (if applicable) a Digital Password Device. A unique User ID and Password is given to each User you authorize to act on your behalf. People’s United may require the use of a Digital Password Device for any or all of your Users. Therefore, there could be multiple User IDs with Passwords, and Digital Password Devices (if applicable) being used to gain access to eTreasury+. The Digital Password Device is for use only with your accounts that are subject to this Agreement. You may not use the Digital Password Device for any other purpose. You may not use the Digital Password Device for any unlawful purpose. You may not give a Digital Password Device or permit one to be given to any person not authorized to act on your behalf.

Using The Service For The First Time - Step up Authentication
Step up Authentication is designed to provide enhanced security and help protect against fraudulent online activity by establishing User identity when accessing eTreasury+. The first time you log into eTreasury+ you will be required to authenticate your identity.

The Step up Authentication solution is designed to reduce the risk of fraud by confirming user identity when accessing eTreasury+ by device profiling and out-of-band authentication. Specifically, this solution includes the following components:

  • Complex Device Profiling - During eTreasury+ login, extensive details about your device (e.g. computer, tablet, etc.) and network are gathered and evaluated for comparison with the your typical behavior looking for any indication that fraud may be involved in the login. The result of this evaluation is used to determine if additional security steps are needed in the login process.
  • Step-up Authentication - Based on the results of the Device Profiling and the login authentication, eTreasury+ may require an additional Out-Of-Band authentication step. Out-Of-Band Authentication allows you to confirm your identity through the use of a one-time security code you would receive through either an automated voice call or a text message.

Secure Token Sign On
People’s United Bank strongly recommends that you use Secure Token Sign On with Secure Token Transaction Approval as an added layer of security to mitigate fraud and financial loss. In some cases People’s United Bank may require certain companies or Users to utilize Secure Token Sign On. Secure Token Sign On is designed to provide enhanced security by means of a Digital Password Device (token), which requires the User to enter a Passcode in place of a Password to access eTreasury+. In all cases where ACH and Wire Origination services are entitled, People’s United Bank requires your company’s users to utilize a Digital Password Device to access eTreasury+ and prior to transmitting external monetary transactions.

Lost or Stolen Company ID, User ID(s), Passwords, or Digital Password Devices or Unauthorized Transactions
If you believe that you’re Company ID, User ID(s), Password, or Digital Password Device(s) has been lost or stolen or that someone transferred or may transfer money into or from your account without your permission, you

MUST contact us in a commercially reasonable timeframe at the numbers found at the end of this Agreement.

You agree that we may investigate any alleged unauthorized transaction and we may not re-credit your account, unless the law requires otherwise. You agree to cooperate with us if you make any claim concerning unauthorized transactions on your account. You agree to assist us to pursue civil and criminal penalties against the party(ies) responsible for such unauthorized transactions. Such assistance may include, but not be limited to, filing reports and complaints with law enforcement and/or government agencies, giving statements under oath, providing any security that we may require, and providing such other proof as we may request.

Changing Password
Users may change their Password at any time through the Change Password link located on the Administration tab of eTreasury+ under Self-Administration. All users must change their password a minimum of every 120 days. Note: The Change Password function is not available to your company’s Users if your company uses or is required to use a Digital Password Device. In these cases, users should contact your company’s Primary or Administrative User for assistance in changing passwords.

Administrative Users can change another User’s Password at any time on the “System Access – Edit” page accessed through the User Administration link under Company Administration in the Administration menu selection. Users are allowed three login attempts before being locked out of eTreasury+. Users who are locked out (disabled) must be unlocked by an Administrative User or contact the Bank for further assistance.

Safeguarding Company IDs, User IDs, Passwords, and Digital Password Devices
Safeguarding Company IDs, User IDs, Passwords, and Digital Password Devices is your responsibility and is critical to helping prevent fraudulent activity on your accounts. You agree to keep all Company IDs, User IDs, Passwords, and Digital Password Devices (if applicable) confidential (in a secure location and separate from the computer used to access the Service) to prevent unauthorized access to and use of your accounts via eTreasury+. You agree not to reveal your Company ID, User ID, or Password or to give your Digital Password Device (token) to any person not authorized by you to use your eTreasury+ profile.

You agree to notify us in a commercially reasonable timeframe if the secrecy of your Company ID, User ID, Password or Digital Password Device is compromised by calling us at the numbers found at the end of this Agreement or sending us a secure e-mail. You also agree to notify us in a commercially reasonable timeframe whenever a person is no longer authorized to use eTreasury+ and return any Digital Password Device issued to him/her.

General Security Provisions
People's United Bank uses Microsoft's server gated cryptography in order to enable 128 bit SSL strong encryption of data during transmission of data between your computer and our web server. You agree to always use the SSL encryption security features built into your web browser software whenever you connect to a web server utilized by People’s United and/or its vendors, and to verify that each entire online session is encrypted.

We are not responsible for any computer virus or any other problems that may be associated with the use of eTreasury+. To avoid unauthorized access to your personal, business, or financial information, you agree to adopt all reasonable security measures in using eTreasury+, including, but not limited to the precautionary steps listed below and in our eTreasury+ Security Checklist found on

 Password Protection: A unique password or token PIN is the first step of securing your online information. Select a password/PIN that is easy for you to remember but not quickly guessed, like birthdays, sequential numbers or street addresses. Do not write down passwords and never click "save my password." Do not share your password/PIN with anyone. Our employees will never ask for your password.

 PC and Anti-Virus Protection: For all company PCs, keep all your operating system, browser, anti-virus and other software up to date. Set these systems to automatically update on a daily basis. Scan your PC with your anti-virus software on a regular basis to check for new viruses of spyware that may have been missed initially.

Dedicated PC: If possible, dedicate a PC to use ONLY for eTreasury+ and other critical business functions to mitigate against the risk of PC and user credentials being compromised. This PC should not be used for email, social media, or common web browsing. A compromised PC is the most common avenue for fraudsters to conduct fraud. The PCs used for the purpose of eTreasury+ need to be secure and free of viruses.

• If you will be using the eTreasury+ PC(s) for other functions, be sure to use only known commercial software and visit only known and trusted websites when browsing the internet. Avoid downloading “free” software or clicking on links in e-mails; downloads, e-mail attachments, and malicious websites are a common source of virus infections.

 Email Alerts: eTreasury+ offers enhanced alert functionality, which notifies end users via email of account activity. All eTreasury+ users should review the available alerts and configure them for use to monitor for suspicious activity. If you receive an alert for a change or transaction that you did not make, contact our Commercial Client Support team at (866)831-5717 for assistance.

 Transaction Review: Check your account balances and transaction activity daily and promptly report any suspicious activity to your account manager or call our Commercial Client Support team at (866) 831-5717.

 Administrative Dual Control: Prevents new users from being added and activated without a secondary approval. Prevents changes to existing users entitlements without a secondary approval.

 Transaction Dual Approval: Prevents a single user from creating and approving transfers, ACH and Wire transmissions. This is an important fraud control. Companies should have procedures in place to segregate duties and require a second set of eyes prior to transmission of these transactions.

 Daily Limits Assigned: eTreasury+ allows Admin users or the bank to set daily limits based on ACH and Wire types of transactions, accounts and by user. These limits should be based on need but restricted to where unusually high activity would require an override.

 Awareness: People’s United Bank encrypts all traffic between your PC and our online banking systems. When accessing the site look for security certificates, locked padlock symbols, and a URL that begins with “https”. If the appearance of eTreasury+ screens looks different, new fields appear, or if you are asked to enter/verify sensitive information, report the issue to the bank for validation.

 Internal Training: Review entitlements and internal procedures to ensure access best practices are followed for PC and Online usage. Be sure employees using eTreasury+ are adequately trained on security best practices and practice safe computing habits.

 Fraud Awareness: Fraudsters use official-looking e-mails (Phishing) and websites to lure you into revealing confidential personal or financial information. The messages appear to be from trusted banks, retailers or other companies. Companies would never ask for sensitive information or passwords via e-mail. Be suspicious of any e-mail with urgent requests to “verify account information.” When in doubt, call the sender directly and validate the message. The safest measure is not to click on links received via email from anyone, even those that appear to be trustworthy.

 Security Center: Peoples United Bank provides updated warnings, fraud education, recommendations for protecting your accounts, and links to other resources on the Security Center found at

 We strongly recommend that you restrict the use of the Internet, email and non-business functions on any computer used for eTreasury+ services.

Loss Prevention Measures Your Company Should Take

The most effective loss prevention measure you can take is to ensure that your company has a strong control environment in place. People’s United Bank strongly recommends that as an eTreasury+ customer, you institute a robust control environment and monitor your account transactions and activities daily. eTreasury+ makes it easy for your company to monitor User activity through use of the User Activity Report found under the Administration menu selection.

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