Stay alert for fraudulent callers

Helping you keep your account safe is our top priority.

We are alerting you about a new scam

In this new banking scam, you get a phone call or text from a scammer claiming to be from your bank. In some cases, the scammer may even alter the caller ID information. In order to gain access to your online accounts, the caller claims there is suspicious activity and asks you for private information like your account number, online banking ID or password, and other personal information. By this point, you will have received a texted security code from your bank, sent as a way to gain access from an unknown computer (the scammer’s computer). The caller will ask you for this security code, claiming to use it to verify your identity. The security code will give the scammer full access to your account.

Do NOT provide your information

While you may not have been targeted in this scam, now is a good time to remember to never provide this information over the phone. People's United Bank will not proactively call customers asking them to provide, verify, or update passwords, usernames or access codes, or account information such as Social Security Number, Account Number, Credit Card Number, or other personal information.

What to do if you're called

  • Never provide a texted security code to anyone who calls you over the phone—it is only used to access your online account.
  • If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from People’s United Bank requesting personal account information (like your username/password/security code), hang up the phone and dial our listed number: 1-800-894-0300.
  • Remember that Caller IDs can be manipulated easily and are not a good way to confirm the identity of a caller.
Suspicious message?

People's United Bank will never send unsolicited emails asking customers to provide, verify, or update Passwords, PINs, or Account information such as Social Security number, Account Number, Credit Card Number, or other personal information. If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from People’s United Bank, please forward it to

Reporting fraud

If you suspect fraud on your account please contact us immediately at 1-800-894-0300.

If you are a victim of identity theft

Contact People's United Bank at
1-800-894-0300 or online, if you feel your People's United accounts have been affected.

The Fraud Watch Network

People's United Bank is proud to collaborate with AARP on the Fraud Watch Network to provide consumers, of all-ages, with instant access to educational resources and information designed to fight identity theft and fraud.

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Features to help protect your account and debit card.

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Instantly control your debit card

Misplaced your card? Instantly turn it off. Don’t make online purchases? Disable that. With the People’s United Mobile Banking App, you have complete control over your debit card. When you enable Card Controls through the People’s United Mobile Banking App, you control when, where and how your debit card can be used.

Real-time alerts* keep you in the know

People’s United Mobile Banking gives you the power to stay on top of your money with Debit Card alerts. When you enroll in Card Controls, you’re automatically enrolled for alerts. Just decide which types of transactions to be notified about, including online purchases and ATM withdrawals.

*People's United Bank does not charge for the Mobile Banking service. However, a text messaging and/or data plan is typically needed. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

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Tips to prevent fraud and identity theft

Here are some everyday ways you can protect yourself from fraud and identity theft.

Credit protection

Make it your top priority to check your credit regularly

Review statements

Check credit card and bank statements regularly

Using ATMs

Be on the lookout for skimmers or bugged keypads

Social security number

Only provide it when absolutely necessary

Your mailbox

Retrieve mail ASAP or invest in a locking mailbox

Password Protection

Keep them strong and change them on a regular basis

Shred it

Shred all mail and bank documents with your personal info

Sharing information

Be selective with whom you share your personal information

Computer Security

Keep your firewall, antivirus and spyware protection up-to-date

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