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People's United Bank will never send unsolicited emails asking customers to provide, verify, or update Passwords, PINs, or Account information such as Social Security number, Account Number, Credit Card Number, or other personal information.

If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from People’s United Bank, please forward it to

If you believe you are a victim of fraud call 1-800-894-0300.

BEC scams have emerged as a major source of financial loss for businesses of all sizes, estimated at over $12 billion through 2018. Also known as an Business Email Impersonation, an employee gets an email from someone claiming to be a trusted person or organization requesting an urgent transfer of funds to a fraudulent account number or an urgent request for sensitive information. These scams are sophisticated social engineering techniques but increasingly, cyber criminals are also compromising the actual email account of the person they wish to impersonate to increase the success of the fraud.


In this new banking scam, you get a phone call from a scammer claiming to be from your bank. In order to gain access to your online accounts, the caller claims there is suspicious activity and asks you for private information like your account number, online banking ID or password, and other personal information. By this point, you will have received a texted security code from your bank, sent as a way to gain access from an unknown computer (the scammer’s computer). The caller will ask you for this security code, claiming to use it to verify your identity. The security code will give the scammer full access to your account.  


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Our commitment to you

People's United is committed to protecting your private information, as well as providing our deposit customers with quality online banking services in a secure customer-friendly environment.

While People's United Bank works toward protecting the confidentiality of your online information, we can't do it alone. Just as in the real world, where you take steps to protect your financial information, you will need to take ownership of your online security.

The Fraud Watch Network

People's United Bank is proud to collaborate with AARP on the Fraud Watch Network to provide consumers, of all-ages, with instant access to educational resources and information designed to fight identity theft and fraud.

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