Online Account Alerts

Be the first to know about a change in your account.

Account alerts keep you in the know

We make it easy to track and manage your money. Use alerts to monitor your spending and important transactions. You can choose to receive alerts via email or text, or both.

Blue lightning bolt

Balance information, deposits received, specific check number clearing, transfers processed.

Blue municipal building with peaked roof and four red columns
Bill Payment

Payments processed or failed, payee added or changed.

A red and a blue person
Person-2-Person Pay Alerts

Payments scheduled, contacts added or changed.

Red exclamation point in a blue circle

New statements available, password or contact information changed, system information in real-time.

Manage your money your way

White mobile phone with a debit card

Deposit checks, pay friends and manage your account on the go.

White closed padlock

Monitor your account and control your debit card safely and securely.

White analog clock face with a stack of white coins placed in front

Schedule bills to be paid and get account alerts sent to you.

How to get started using Online Account Alerts

To get started you need to sign-up for People's United Online Banking.

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Your security is our focus

People's United is committed to protecting your private information, as well as providing our deposit customers with quality online banking services in a secure customer-friendly environment.

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