Outsmart the Scammers

Recognize signs of a phone scam and stop a fraudulent caller in their tracks.

A man in a black button down shirt and glasses, sits at a table eating with a fork, while using his mobile phone.

Have you ever answered a call that goes something like this:

"Hello, [Your Name]. I'm calling from [the Name of Your Real Bank]."

(You see the name of your bank displayed on Caller ID.)

"We are calling to alert you to unusual charges on your debit card ending in 1234 at several retailers in recent days. I need to verify your SSN ending in 4321, and confirm your User ID and account number in order to stop this unauthorized activity on your card."

Is this call legit?

No, it's a scam.

Why? Because People's United Bank will never call or text you unsolicited asking you to provide, verify, or update passwords, usernames or security codes, or account information such as Social Security Number, Account Number, Credit Card Number, or other personal information.

People's United Bank will also never call unsolicited asking you to respond to a text message or to share a texted security code.

Know the signs of a phone scam

Scammers are getting more difficult to spot by using the following tactics:

  • Manipulating or spoofing caller IDs to make calls appear to be from someone you trust, such as your bank.
  • Conveying a sense of urgency that pressures you into acting too quickly.
  • Providing partial but factual information about you or your account and requesting you to confirm that information on-the-spot.
  • Requesting that you immediately disclose additional personal or account information so that they "can help you".

Tips to avoid getting scammed

  • Don't assume your caller ID is actually who's calling.
  • Don't confirm private personal or account information over the phone, or by text or email.
  • If texted a security code, do not share that security code with anyone over the phone—it should only ever be used only by you to access your account.
  • We will never call unsolicited and ask you to share a texted security code.
  • We will never call you unsolicited and ask you to respond to a text message.
  • If any of these things happens to you, hang up and dial the listed number of your bank.

Your security is our priority

If you have any questions or concerns please call us.


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