Dealing with Identity Theft

You often don't know you've become a victim until its too late.

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What is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft often occurs when someone steals your personal information (such as bank and credit card numbers, your Social Security number, name and address) to commit fraud or theft.

You often don't know you've become a victim until fraudulent activity shows up in your bills, bad credit reports, and more.

It is recommended that you review your credit report annually. You can do so by visiting to order an annual free credit report.

Safeguard personal information from being stolen:

  • Use secure personal identification numbers (PIN)/passwords and a secure Web browser.
  • Do not use obvious passwords (birth date, mother's maiden name, telephone, Social Security Number, etc.).
  • Review all statements upon receipt and shred any un needed documents with personal information.
  • Do not store financial information on a laptop computer, which can be easily stolen.
  • Beware of solicitors - do not give out information unless you have initiated the contact.
  • Do not leave outgoing mail in your mailbox and collect your incoming mail daily.

If you are a victim of identity theft:

  • Contact People's United Bank at 1-800-894-0300 or online, if you feel your People's United accounts have been affected.
  • Contact each of your creditors to determine if there has been any unauthorized activity or any new accounts have been opened that are fraudulent. Keep records of communications.
  • Immediately file a report with your local police department and keep a copy of the report in case your creditors request it.
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online or call 1-877-IDTHEFT.
  • Contact each of the three credit reporting agencies to have a fraud alert placed on your account; Creditors will then be instructed to obtain your authorization before opening any new accounts.

    Equifax 800-525-6285
    TransUnion 800-680-7289
    Experian 1-888-397-3742

More Information

For more information on identity theft contact the Federal Trade Commission (1-877-IDTHEFT) or stop by any People's United Bank branch and ask for our brochure on identity theft.

More resources

People's United Bank is proud to collaborate with the AARP Fraud Watch Network to give consumers, of all ages, access to resources and information to fight identity theft and fraud.

AARP Fraud Prevention Partnership

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