Supporting Adult Children

Grown children can return home for a variety of reasons. Our experts have provided a few financial planning pointers to help them leave the nest and thrive.

A mother and father hug and kiss their adult son and daughter outdoors at sunset.

Leaving the nest vs. leaving the household budget

When our children leave the nest and when they leave the household budget are not necessarily the same moment. Over half of all parents financially support their adult children. It's helpful to have few pointers on getting them out of this second nest.

Have a talk

By understanding your child’s situation, you can better decide whether to help and how to best help.

Look at your finances

There is a reason airlines ask us to put the air mask on ourselves before we put them on our children. If helping your child puts you in financial jeopardy—now or down the road—it does neither of you any good.

Plan it out

Consider creating a written contract that states what you will both commit to. If you are lending money, consider terms such as charging a low interest rate to encourage your child to take it seriously.

Set terms

If your child is moving back in, decide together on how long your child will stay. Assign them household responsibilities. Consider charging a low rent.

Of course, the best teaching method is to lead by example. By living a financially responsible life, you will be showing them how to live responsibly.

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