Is My Credit Report Accurate?

Once you have your credit report, you need to make sure it’s correct.

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Your personal information

  • Are your identification details such as name, phone numbers, addresses correct?
  • Does your report include any information about another person with the same or similar name? (This is known as a “mixed file.”)
  • Are there any accounts that aren’t yours, either because of a mistake or identity theft?

Incorrect account status

  • Are any closed accounts shown as “open?”
  • Are you shown as an account owner for accounts where you’re only an authorized user?
  • Are any accounts incorrectly shown as late or delinquent?
  • Are any dates of last payment, account opening, or first delinquency incorrect?
  • Is the same debt listed more than once?

Data errors

  • Is incorrect information still showing, even after you’ve corrected it?
  • Do any accounts appear several times with different creditors?

Balance errors

  • Are all current balances correct?
  • Do any accounts show an incorrect credit limit?

What if I find errors?

Contact the credit reporting agency as well as the furnisher of the information (the company or institution that provided the information). Credit reports always include instructions on disputing information. You can also use the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s sample dispute letters for furnishers and credit reporting agencies.

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