Saving for College

No matter your financial situation, if saving for education is one of your goals, we have solutions to help you maximize your education savings goals

It’s no secret that higher education is expensive

It’s a cost that should be considered when investing and planning for the future. Here are some helpful ways to start planning and saving.

Magnifying glass with a blue circle frame and red straight line handle
Analyze your savings and investments

Optimize the preferential treatment education costs should receive.

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Establish a 529 education account

We do not charge an origination fee (points) on your Home Equity Line of Credit.

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Make a savings plan with a financial planner

Meet with us to start discussing a broader plan that includes education costs and funding.

At People’s United Advisors, we approach education funding from the position of a planner. Your education funding plan should be a component of a larger financial plan. We address specific account types, account location and the realities of your unique, individual situation.

Let WealthBuilder help you save for education 

Let WealthBuilder set your investment program in motion—our robo-investment platform is easy to manage, efficient and customized to reflect your needs. 

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