Have you ever needed to pay a friend back for lunch? Pay a daycare or lawn service provider? How about sending money to your son or daughter away at college? For these reasons - and more - you can use Person-2-Person Pay to send money without exchanging checks, cash or account numbers.

To get started you need a People's United Personal Checking, Online Banking, an email address and mobile phone number.

Why use Person-2-Person Pay? Person-2-Person Pay means sending money directly from your Checking account without the use of a third-party service...and it's FREE!


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Send Money Sending money is easySend Money

  • Use our mobile banking app or login to Online Banking to access Person-2-Person Pay.
  • Enter the recipient's mobile phone number or email address.

Recipients do not need to be a People's United Bank customer or enrolled in Person-2-Person Pay

Claiming is easy Claiming it is just as easyClaiming is easy

  • The recipient will receive a text message or email with instructions on how to claim the payment.
  • They can then choose how to claim it:

Bank Account
Bank Account
Debit Card
Debit Card

Enroll in Person-2-Person Enroll in P2P

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Select Person-2-Person Pay
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Select Enroll
  • View and confirm your email address

    Note: You will need to be enrolled in Online Banking in order to enable Person-2-Person Pay.

Send Your 1st Payment Send Your 1st PaymentSend Your 1st Payment

  • Login to Online Banking or use the People's United Mobile Banking App
  • Select Person-2-Person Pay from the menu
  • Enter the details for the person you want to pay and how much you want to send
  • Select how you want to send it
  • Enter an optional message to the recipient
  • Review, confirm and pay

Get started with Person-2-Person Pay

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  • Is my personal information shared with my recipient?

  • What is a "contact" and how do I create a contact?

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  • Can a payment be edited or canceled after it has been submitted?

  • How do I know if my recipient has claimed funds sent to them by email or mobile phone number?

  • What happens if my recipient has not claimed a Person-2-Person Pay payment sent to them by email or mobile phone number?

  • How do I accept a Person-2-Person payment?

For questions about Person-2-Person Pay, contact 1-800-525-9248, or visit your local branch.