Liquidity and Investment

People's United Bank has the ability to provide automated solutions to maximize returns on idle cash with our Automated Investment Sweep and/or to minimize interest expense with our Loan Management Sweep. These products, coupled with our Zero Balance Concentration Sweep, provide an effective way to manage your cash while saving valuable time.

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To contact a Treasury Management Representative to learn more, call 1-888-280-4635.

For questions on existing Treasury Management Services, including Online and Mobile Banking support, please contact 1-866-831-5717.

Automated Investment Sweeps
Maintain liquidity levels while earning interest on excess cash

Automated Investment Sweep

Let Your Money Work For You!  People's United Automated Investment Sweep Account increases your company's profits by automatically investing surplus funds from idle accounts. This tool makes it possible for your business to earn interest without requiring additional time or effort.

At the end of each business day, People's United will combine the sources of all your funds to determine your available balance. If the balance exceeds your predetermined excess funds will be automatically transferred or “swept” into an investment account that earns interest at market rates. If the total balance falls below the target, funds will be automatically transferred from the investment account into the main checking account to ensure your target balance is maintained.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximizes the use of overnight excess cash and eliminates idle funds
  • Helps to maintain liquidity with the invested funds being available the next day for operating purposes
  • Helps to maintain target balance to help offset any service charges 

Zero Balance Accounting
Maximize funds availability from a centralized account

Zero Balance Accounting 

Maximize the availability of your money by linking your business checking accounts to a central concentration account. Zero Balance Accounting will relieve you of the burden of making routine transfers by providing an automated process for funding or debiting multiple checking accounts. At the end of each business day People's United Bank will automatically transfer funds to or from your centralized account to bring your checking accounts back to a zero balance.  

Features and Benefits:

  • Centralizes cash concentration
  • Simplifies the management of cash balances
  • Reduces overdrafts

Loan Management
Automatically pay or draw down your line of credit

Loan Management

People's United Loan Management Service reduces your interest expense while saving you valuable clerical time. With Loan Management, the Bank will monitor your account activity and automatically calculate your cash position and initiate the proper loan transaction against your Prime-Rate based Commercial Line of Credit (LOC).

Features and Benefits:

  • An overall reduction in loan balances and as a result
  • Reduced interest expense
  • Elimination of many manual clerical processes in performing borrowing transactions
  • Less potential for overdrafts due to miscalculating funding needs or forgetting to borrow

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