MasterCard BusinessCard®

Use People’s United Bank MasterCard BusinessCard (MCBC) as an easy and convenient payment solution for all your business expenses. You can control employee spending, monitor expenses and streamline your bill payment process – all while saving time and money. Let us show you the ways know-how gives you the credit you deserve.*

 Take Advantage of Our Convenient and Flexible Payment Solution
  • Accepted locally, nationally, worldwide and online
  • Monitor balances and spending online 24/7 in real time
  • Receive statements and make payments online
  • Receive optional combined statements
  • Customize individual card usage to better control spending
  • Advanced reporting, analysis and monitoring capacities
  • Interface data to your accounting system and general ledger
  • Expense reporting and allocation module available
 Improve Your Cash Flow
  • You have 25-55 days to pay purchases interest free
  • Vendors get paid in just a few days
 Receive Assurance and Protection on All Purchases
  • Zero liability on fraud transactions
  • Extended warranty on purchases
  • 90-day purchase assurance
  • 24-hour emergency services provided when traveling
  • Free rental car insurance
 Save Money Using Your People’s United MasterCard BusinessCard®
  • Card and most extra features are free
  • Save the expenses of checks and check processing
  • Save employee time on check-writing and statement reconciliation
 Easy Savings Program

About the Program 

Through our Easy Savings automatic rebate program, your business can earn cash back, while managing day to day business expenses. There are no points to earn or redeem. Simply use your People’s United MasterCard BusinessCard at participating merchants, and the rebates will appear automatically on your monthly statement.

How MasterCard Easy Savings Works 

Your People’s United MasterCard BusinessCard is automatically enrolled in the silver level of the Easy Savings program, which qualifies you for rebates from specific merchants. To receive the additional rebates available through the Easy Savings gold level, register your card online.

Just use your MasterCard BusinessCard at any participating merchant. Your rebates will be automatically applied to your monthly statement.

How Easy is MasterCard Easy Savings?

  • No coupons or codes required
  • Rebates are automatically posted to your card
  • No registration fee
  • Register for gold level online anytime

For more information on the Easy Savings program contact Business Card Services at

Below are discounts available with your business card.

Let us show you what know-how can do by providing a convenient, flexible, affordable payment solution for all your business needs.  

Ask your People’s United relationship manager or visit your local branch for further details about our MasterCard BusinessCard. You can also contact us at 800-441-4025 or