Will I Need Long-Term Care?

The need for long-term care depends on many factors: whether you are male or female, how long you live, your health history and whether you have a spouse or family member who can provide some of the care you may need.

Your Gender:
Because women have longer life spans than men, they often outlive their spouses. So they are more likely to bear the financial burden of long-term care. Should long-term care become necessary, there often is no one at home to care for women. As a result they may need institutional care.

The longer you live, the more likely it is that you will need long-term care. Those who live to be 95 years old or older are much more likely to spend five or more years in a nursing home than those who live until their mid-70s.

Health Factors:
Certain health conditions, like Alzheimer’s or suffering a stroke, can cause a need for long-term care. If you know that certain health conditions run in your family, you may have a greater risk of needing long-term care than another person of the same age and gender.

Married or Single:
If you have a spouse or other family member who can provide care, you are more likely to be able to remain in your own home when you need care. If family members are unable to provide care, and you cannot pay someone to take care of you, then a nursing home may be the only available option. The type and severity of the health condition that causes you to need care may determine whether you can be cared for at home or require institutional care.

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