Quicken FAQ's

Direct Connect FAQs:

 What is Direct Connect?

Direct Connect is the service that provides the connection between your People’s United Bank account and Quicken or QuickBooks. It allows you to download your bank statements and manage your bank accounts right through Quicken® and QuickBooks without the need to login to www.peoples.com

 Why can’t I find People’s United Bank – CT in the list when I search for my financial institution?

You may need to update your Quicken or Quickbooks program. This update provides the latest listing of participating financial institutions. Please see the following instructions for updating your software (provided by quicken.intuit.com/support). 

For Windows:
1. Select the Tools menu and then One Step Update.
2. Click Update Now.

  • If an update to Quicken is available, Quicken will display a windows that describes what’s in the update; as well as, instructions for downloading the update.
  • You’ll need to exit Quicken to run the update program.
  • When you exit, all your work is saved and you can resume working as soon as the update finishes.

For OS X (Mac): 
1. Select the Quicken menu the select Check for Updates.
2. If an update is available, you’ll get a window for the update information. Click Install Update.
3. Once finished, click Install and Relaunch.

 What is my Direct Connect password?

Your temporary password is mailed to you by the bank. After contacting People's United Bank to sign-up for Direct Connect Quicken access, you should receive this password within 10 business days via USPS mail. Your Direct Connect user id will be mailed to you under separate cover.

 Will I be able to change my temporary password myself?

Yes, after signing in for the first time, you will be asked to create a new password for yourself. Remember passwords will now be case sensitive and must contain both letters and numbers and should be 6 – 32 characters in length

 I didn’t receive my new User ID and Password. How do I get my new Quicken Account Access information?

Your new user ID and Password were mailed to you under separate cover and should arrive within 10 business days from the time of your request. If it has been 10 business days and you have not received your User ID and Password letters, please call us at 800-894-0300 and we will be happy to assist you.

 Why can't I see my CDs or Loan accounts through Quicken?

This service is currently not available for Certificate of Deposit, Loan or Brokerage accounts.

 I am missing an account(s). How can I add a new account to my download?

If you are missing one or more of your checking, savings or money market accounts, please call People's United Bank at 1 - 800 - 894 -0300 and we will be happy to assist you. Our representatives can link your new or additional accounts to your Direct Connect download.

Web Connect FAQs:

 What is Web Connect?

WebConnect allows you to manually download electronic statements from your peoples.com accounts and then import them into Quicken and QuickBooks.

 Why can't I see an option to download my account information to Quickbooks on peoples.com?

To download account information into Quickbooks you must either use our business online banking system, eTreasury +, or sign-up for our Direct Connect Service. Our personal online banking system does not support downloads to Quickbooks. However, you may download your personal account history to Quicken.

 Why can't I see my CDs or Loan accounts through Quicken?

This service is currently not available for Certificate of Deposit, Loan or Brokerage accounts.

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