MasterMoney Debit Chip Cards

People's United Bank’s MasterMoney Debit chip card provides enhanced security and since chip cards are common in over 130 countries around the world including Canada, Mexico & the European Union, you can enjoy greater acceptance when traveling overseas.

Chip or EMV Cards 

A chip (or EMV) card is a card with an embedded microchip that provides enhanced security and protection against fraud.  Card information on the chip is encrypted making it extremely difficult to be copied or counterfeited.  Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) established chip card standards and chip cards have been commonly used around the world for 20 years.  With the U.S. now increasingly supporting that standard, this means even more convenience for you when you use your chip card.

Convenience and Added Security

Added Security – the chip adds an extra layer of protection when used at a chip-card terminal by employing encryption and single-use codes to safeguard your information.

Greater Acceptance– Chip cards have been embraced around the globe, so new chip-enabled debit cards are even easier to use outside the well as domestically as more merchants move to the standard.

MasterMoney Debit Chip Cards:  Chip and Magnetic Stripe
MasterMoney Debit chip cards are issued with a chip on the front of the card and the familiar magnetic stripe on the back.  This will enable the card to be used in magnetic stripe terminals as well as chip-enabled terminals.

Using Your Chip Card At Chip-Enabled Merchants or ATMs

The rule of thumb is “Follow the Prompts”.  Each ATM or store merchant terminal may be different – but all will prompt you if after swiping your magnetic stripe you need to re-insert the chip card.  The only difference is that you must leave your card in the terminal until the transaction is complete.  Here’s an example flow:

Follow The Prompts

Card Purchases - MasterMoney Debit chip cards work for both PIN and Signature purchase transactions just as they have in the past. Merchants that are debit card “chip-enabled” will simply prompt you after swiping to insert your card into the terminal again. Remember to leave your card inserted in the terminal until your transaction is complete. So – just follow the prompts

ATM Usage - Additionally, at some EMV-enabled ATM's – you may be prompted to choose “Debit” or “Debit MasterCard” at the start of your transaction. Either choice is correct and will not affect your transaction – with your transaction proceeding normally after you choose one or the other.

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