Checking FAQs

 What is direct deposit?

Direct deposit is a convenient way to automatically have recurring deposits (such as your pay, government benefits, dividends) electronically placed into your People's United checking account. You'll have quick access to your funds and not have to worry about getting to the bank.

 Do you offer online banking?

Yes, we do offer Online Banking.

 Do you offer mobile banking?

Yes, we do offer Mobile Banking. Mobile banking includes a downloadable Mobile Banking Application, as well as Mobile Web and Text Banking. With People's United Mobile Banking, you will have access to your accounts from your mobile web browser or the downloadable mobile banking application. Depending on your preferences and your phone capabilities you can: make payments, view account balances, search recent account activity and transfer funds between People's United accounts. Text Banking is an option that offers you access to view account balances from mobile phones that are not web-enabled but are text message (SMS) capable.

 Is my People's United MasterMoneyTM Debit Card safe to use for online shopping?

Yes, You can use your Card with complete confidence knowing it is backed by the most advanced security features when you enroll, at no additional cost, in MasterCard® SecureCodeTM.

 What is MasterCard®SecureCodeTM

MasterCard ® SecureCodeTM is an advanced security feature designed to protect your online purchases when using your People's United MasterMoneyTM Debit Card. Once you register for free, you get a personal password that safeguards you against unauthorized use of your Card when you shop at participating websites.

 What are your banking hours for in-person transactions?

Try our branch locator to find the hours and locations of People's United Bank near you.

 What is a ARC (Accounts Receivable Conversion)?

Many companies have adopted this process to handle checks sent to them for payments in the mail or at a drop box location. The biller converts your check to an electronic entry which is charged to your checking account just as the paper check would have been charged to your account. The biller creates a copy of your check and destroys the original to prevent double posting. Your cancelled check will not be returned to you in your statement. You may request a copy of your check from the biller for a period of up to two years.

 What is a POP (Point of Purchase)?

A merchant may convert your check into an electronic entry at the point-of-purchase. The merchant scans the check you wrote for a purchase to capture the account information. You will be asked to sign a receipt that authorizes an electronic debit in the amount of your check. The merchant marks your check void and returns it to you, eliminating the risk of double posting. This transaction will appear on your account statement as an electronic debit and there will be no cancelled check returned to you.

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