Balance Your Checkbook


Balance Your Checking Account

Use our checking account calculator to help you balance your account.

Step One

Enter the online checking account balance $
  • Log on to People's United Online.
  • Locate your "Checking Account Balance" shown in the Checking Balances box.
  • Click on "Checking History" to see all of your transactions. Match each one to your checkbook register, and mark it off.

Step Two

Enter all deposits not shown on your checking history

  • Review your checkbook register to see if there are deposits that have been made but that are not shown online, enter each one in the Deposits boxes.
  • Note any interest which may have been added to your account on the Account History screen. If there is Interest, add it into your check register.

Step Three

Enter all outstanding items not shown on your checking history

  • If there are any checks, or MasterMoney purchases not shown online enter each into the "Outstanding Items" box. If you have more than 8, you will need to total some of them together
  • Enter any fees (such as recent ATM fees) that do not appear on your Checking Account History screen in your check register in the "Total Service Charges" box.
  • Deduct any fees shown on your Checking Account History screen from your check register.

Step Four

Enter your checkbook register balance
Total Deposits +
Total Withdrawals -
Adjusted Balance $
Difference $
  • Enter your balance from your checkbook register.
  • Verify that the totals in the Deposit and Withdrawal boxes match the totals from steps two and three.
  • Now click on the Balance Checkbook Box.


Balancing Tips
  If Your account doesn't balance, here is what to look for:

  • Did you enter your beginning "Checking Account Balance" correctly from the Online Banking screen?
  • Have you entered all the outstanding deposits correctly?
  • Have you entered all the outstanding checks and MasterMoney purchases correctly?
  • Have you checked your addition and subtraction in your register?
  • Have you accidentally entered any checks or deposits that also appear on the Checking Account History screen?
  • Did you add in any interest and/or subtract all your fees shown on the Online Banking screen from your check register?

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