Equipment Financing

People's United Equipment Financing Corp offers a wide range of retail financing and leasing programs designed and customized to meet your needs.  Our experts will provide client analysis of prospective transaction, a professional review of documentation and handle collection, administration and related services.


Commercial Equipment Leasing Programs 

People's United Equipment Finance Corp. offers manufacturers and equipment distributors a wide range of retail financing and leasing programs designed and tailored to meet the special needs of their customers. These programs include retail installment sales financing, leasing and rental pool financing. People's United Equipment Finance Corp., in addition to providing financing, makes available to its clients analysis of prospective transactions, provides professional review of documentation, and handles collection, administration, and related services.

Direct Financing

The Company provides installment sales, equipment leasing, capital loans, and sale lease-backs secured by equipment and other assets for end users of equipment, thereby providing capital for equipment purchases, acquisitions, business growth, and reconstruction.


Portfolio Purchases

People's United Equipment Finance Corp. purchases portfolios of installment paper from other financial institutions. In addition, the Company acquires installment paper initiated by equipment manufacturers and distributors which enables the vendor of such equipment to expand its relationships with existing customers while increasing its working capital for new business development.


Management Consulting

Most of our executives have 10 to 25 years of successful experience in equipment financing and leasing. The Management Consulting program provides this expertise to financial and industrial companies organizing, structuring, and operating captive finance companies or divisions.



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