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Young children are ready to develop financial habits and learn behavior norms through everyday activities. Financial parenting your middle-schooler continues the teaching of good values with more emphasis on experiential learning and navigating the challenges of peer pressure, impulse spending, and needs vs. wants.

Give them a voice. Include tweens in selected family purchases, letting them observe your decision process or even getting their input. Adventurous tweens might plan family events or entire vacations, with guidance.

Make the work-wealth connection. Give your child the opportunity to earn more money while teaching the value of work. On top of an allowance, offer extra money for household chores, or even consider a small job. If your tween shows an entrepreneurial bent, encourage it.

Encourage bigger thinking. With more money, your tween can consider bigger future goals: a car, travel, college or a gap year. Use these conversations to jointly create an action plan.

Introduce the tools.Your tween is now ready to learn about financial tools. Visit your bank or bank website and show your tween the different accounts (saving, checking), electronic and online banking, debit cards. Explain checking accounts and debit cards. Then teach these key concepts:

  • Growth.
    Show the difference between saving and investing accounts, and the basic investing tools (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), and their specific roles.
  • Credit.
    Explain the responsible use of borrowing. Review a credit card offer with your tween, including interest payments, APR, and penalties. It's not too early to discuss credit scores and how they're used.
  • Risk.
    Enlighten your tween on investment risk (the higher the return, generally, the higher the risk). Make him savvy about identity theft and fraud, both online and offline.

For more information, see Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s: Tips for the teen years… and beyond

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