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The People's United Wealth Management team is called upon to lend commentary and insights to various media outlets.

The views expressed in these appearances are based on market conditions at the time the segment originally aired.


Karissa McDonough Karissa McDonough Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager

Karissa shares her take on  why Treasury yields have risen recently. WSJ (11/29/17)


Karissa is quoted  on the state of buying bonds, is still strong due to having the Fed backing. (04/28/17) Barron's

Karissa offers analysis on the Fed's release of its March minutes, weighin in on the message they're trying to send. (04/05/17)

Karissa shares what investors need to consider when rates begin to rise.(03/30/17) 

4 Mistakes Bond Investors Should Avoid

Karissa discusses how financial advisers manage clients’ interest rate expectations. (02/27/17). Wall Street Journal

Karissa explains where investors can find yield. (02/24/17) Market Watch

Karissa explains what bond investors should expect from Yellen's latest speech. (02/14/17) Market Watch

Karissa s//hares her outlook the Fed's recent rate hike. Kitco News (12/22/16)

On Market Watch, Karissa talks about two-year treasury yield.(12/15/16)

Karissa discussed how the Fed surprised Financial Markets. Think Advisor. (12/14/16)

Karissa discussed bond yields after election. Think Advisor. (11/14/16)

Karissa discussed post-election options for Investors. DebtWire (11/09/16)


Karissa shares her reactions to the latest Fed meeting. Barron's (09/21/16)

Karissa discusses EE bonds and how to position clients more defensively in anticipation of volatility. U.S. News (06/30/16)


Karissa discusses how the vote will drive investors toward safe havens, and the decreased chance for a Fed rate hike by the end of the year. Debtwire (06/24/16)


Karissa weighs in on the current fixed income markets with Market Watch on 04/13/16.


Karissa provided her bond recommendations with Financial Advisors (FA) on 02/05/16.


Karissa discussed what she is looking for in the Fed minutes with NPR Marketplace on 01/06/16.


Appearing on CNBC (10/04/15) Karissa discusses scaling back on risk.


While on Reuters (09/25/15) Karissa discusses the impact that a shutdown could have on bond prices across the yield spectrum.


Karissa discusses recent volatility and best practices for those preparing for retirement on WCAX (09/24/15).

Karissa discusses credit availability, volatility, and China while on CNBC (09/03/15).

Karissa spoke to Cordelle Eddings while on Bloomberg (07/29/2015) about corporate debt, and, more broadly, where she sees value overall.


With Joseph Adinolfi from Market Watch (06/19/15) Karissa discusses her thoughts on the current market.


With the New York Times (06/16/15) Karissa discusses how fixed income strategy will be affected when the Fed raises rates.


Karissa contributes to CNBC.com (03/15/15) to discuss the fixed income markets and how the Fed is fueling investor uncertainty.

With CNBC (02/22/15), Karissa discusses Yellen's actions and investor and policymaker reaction.

On the Wall Street Journal (02/08/2015), Karissa discusses market conditions which make for an environment that favors actively managed mutual funds over passive index funds.

While on The Bondy Buyer (12/23/2014), Karissa discusses the yield curve.

On The Street(10/20/14), Karissa discusses market reactions to political tension and turmoil, what investors look for, and current global news and how she sees it currently affecting the economy.

Karissa shares her thoughts with Reuters (09/26/14) on one of the biggest financial moves of the era, and how PIMCO prepared clients. The subsequent article was reposted across a wide range of outlets.

Karissa lends commentary to InvestmentNews (09/26/14) discussing one of the biggest financial moves of the era, and how PIMCO prepared clients.

Shortening duration, buying premium bonds, and minimizing risk are three paths municipal managers are taking as the second half of 2014 gets under way in anticipation of higher interest rates. Karissa gives her insights to The Bond Buyer (08/04/14) on how to embrace the change.

With the SEC deciding that some money market funds would have to break the buck. Retail investors who think of money market funds as equal to cash, in terms of safety and liquidity, might be rattled by the reforms. Karissa shares her thoughts with the Financial Advisor IQ (07/28/14) of the recent change.

Karissa lends her perspective to Bloomberg.com (06/05/14) on the current state of the bond markets with a particular focus on emerging market debt. She notes that People's United Wealth Management doubled its allocation to dollar-denominated emerging markets debt and reduced its allocation to U.S. speculative-grade bonds.



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