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The People's United Wealth Management team is called upon to lend commentary and insights to various media outlets.

The views expressed in these appearances are based on market conditions at the time the segment originally aired.


John Traynor John Traynor Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer

John provided advice on stocks/ETF's/funds that represent safe havens in the event of a trade war. U.S. News (08/03/18)

John joined Bloomberg Radio to discuss his best investing ideas in the current economic climate and risks facing the market today. (08/01/18)

John appeared on the Investor's Edge web series to discuss advice on the investment process. CNBC (07/17/18)

John joined CNBC Power Lunch again to discuss Tariffs, etc. (05/31/18)

John joined CNBC Power Lunch to discuss his economic outlook for 2019. (04/20/18)

John joined Bloomberg radio to discuss stocks to watch. (04/04/18)

John weighed in on CNBC about the markets. CNBC (02/23/18)

John joined CNBC Power Lunch to discuss what could make the market pull back. (01/26/18)

John shared his thoughts on the state of CT and MA's economies. Fairfield Citizen (01/26/18)

John expects earnings inflation and wage growth to be a spotlight in this Feds hiking  cycle. Reuters (01/03/18)

John explains why 2017 was the end of the FOMO market and that investors are ready to participate in the marketplace. Bloomberg Radio (12/28/17)

John joined Fox Business  to talk about why he believes the economy is healthy and why he believes the stock market will continue to climb. FOX Business (12/09/17)

John discussed his thoughts on the Federal Reserve & interest rates, and how investors should be positioning their portfolios in the current market environment. Reuters (11/01/17)

John discussed the major shift in investor psychology and why investors have embraced the market rally. Bloomberg Radio (10/31/17)

John weighed in on the stock market and predictions on earnings season. Boston Herald (10/17/17)

John discussed his outlook ahead of earnings seasons and the positive trends he's currently tracking in the U.S. economy. Reuters (10/09/17)

John examined the impact of the Fed announcement and why he believes investors should watch financials and economically-sensitive stocks going forward. CNBC (09/21/2017)

John discussed live how he expects the bull market to keep running higher through year-end and his confidence in equities. FOX Business (09/13/17)

John discusses why a successful investor sticks to a plan and doesn't try to time the market. U.S. News (08/18/17)

John was live discussing The Dow hitting 22,000 and why he is concerned about next year's mid-term elections. Bloomberg Radio (08/02/17)

John was live talking the global central bank policy and thoughts on the undisciplined nature of the Trump Administration. FOX Business (07/21/17)

John is quoted providing his three indicators of economic growth under the Trump presidency with Investment and Pensions Europe (IPE). (July/August magazine issue)

John received the first quote of the piece, discussing why he's keeping an eye on the tech sector. CNBC (06/13/17)

John was live advising investors to be focused on building strong, well-rounded portfolios in preparation for pending market volatility, rather than zeroed in on pending regulations. FOX Business (05/30/17)

John joined NBR discussing muted expectations for his stock picks of TJX, Disney and Oracle. He foresees high single digits for the rest of the market, with the Trump factor still worrying investors. (5/19/17) NBR

John joined Bloomberg radio to discuss his current asset allocation in light of the Fed's release of its minutes from the March meeting. (04/05/17) Bloomberg Radio

John weighs in on the latest healthcare bill and what it getting through the House could mean for markets. (03/23/17) Reuters

John  explains which sectors drove the Dow to 20,000 and how it will impact the economy. Boston Herald (01/26/17)

On Donald Trump's Inauguration, John Traynor outlines the factors that could disrupt the Trump rally. (01/20/17) KITCO News

John discusses the markets ahead of Inauguration Day. (01/19/17).

John appeared on Bloomberg Radio to discuss the economy in 2017 and how a rising TIDE could disrupt markets. Bloomberg Radio (01/05/17)

Traynor says he would love to see businesses get more confident in 2017 in-  The business year ahead in southwestern Connecticut. (01/03/17)

John shares why the Trump rally was surprising. CNBC (12/22/16)

John connected with William Watts on 12/15 on Market Watch.

John discussed how real estate lags. CNBC (12/14/16)

John provided insight on how the Dow, S&P set record high closes ahead of holiday. (11/23/16)

John discusses Malloy's response regarding CT growth. The Hour (11/22/16)

John discusses CT business leaders hopes. Fairfield County Business Journal. (11/17/16)

John discusses economic questions after the Trump Victory. Hartford Courant (11/10/16

John discussed the rebound of Indexes. Boston Herald (11/10/16)

John discusses Apple, Amazon and Alphabet earnings. (10/25/16)

John discusses AT&T-Time Warner deal. (10/25/16)

John says he is telling investors that Hillary will win -- regardless of whether they are Trump, Clinton or even Bernie Sanders supporters. CNN Monday (10/10/16)

John discusses how the new president and Congress must work together for the good of the economy. USA Today (10/05/16)

John shares why he sees a relief rally on the way after the U.S. presidential election. FOX Business (09/30/16)

John discusses U.S. stock valuations.(08/19/16)

John discusses where he sees value in the markets. FOX Business (08/17/16)

John discusses how flat retail sales have impacted investors (08/12/16)

John picks winning stocks and talks market expectations with Sue Herera and Tyler Mathisen of Nightly Business Report (07/29/16)


John discusses trading opportunities in small caps following the Brexit vote with Yahoo Finance (07/01/16)


John discusses trading opportunities in small caps following the Brexit vote with Reuters (07/01/16). 


John comments on the recent data that shows that the U.S. economic growth slowed in the first quarter but not as sharply as previously estimated. Reuters (06/28/16)


John Traynor is profiled by The Commercial Record on 12/24/15.

John discusses Yellen's decision to raise rates as well as the finance sector's performance this year on FOX Business (12/15/15).


John discusses best investment options for 2016 with FORBES on 12/12/15.


Banker & Tradesman (11/30/15) provides a profile of John Traynor.

John discussed three large cap stocks in which he has confidence while appearing on Nightly Business Report (10/09/15) produced by CNBC. 


On CNBC (09/09/15) John discusses his current confidence in Apple (AAPL).


Appearing on Yahoo! Finance (08/27/2015) John discusses this week's market volatility and notes why he has overall confidence in the U.S. market, citing three stocks which he sees as "buys."


While on CNBC (08/11/15) John noted his current confidence in the Vanguard REIT fund, Disney, and UnitedHealth.


John is quoted in Reuters (07/02/15) discussing his outlook for GE, noting that the capital side is going well.


John to appeared on "Power Lunch" while on CNBC (07/01/15) to discuss where to put your money in the second half of the year.


John discusses Green Mountain Coffee Roasters with USA Today (06/11/15).


With Market Watch (05/29/15), John notes GE's business revamp and why he sees value in it.

While on Bloomberg (05/28/2015) John notes that there are two camps of investors who seem to fall down on the side of, "Is the economy at a point where it reaches a self-sustaining path?"


Benzinga (04/14/15) shares Johns thoughts on of GE stock and future performance from CNBC.


John joined Bloomberg Radio (04/23/15) to discuss why he expects the S&P 500 to move higher this year, noting that while it should be a "pretty rough ride" for clients going ahead, he sees a gain of 5% to 8%. He as well discusses prior Fed interest rate cycles and how the market reacted, the general benefit of skepticism when it comes to investing and investor sentiment, and what, based on conversations with clients, he thinks going forward when it comes to the economy or equities overall.


John joined CNBC (04/13/15) to discuss why he likes General Electric (GE) as an investment, noting the fundamentals, prospects moving forward, restructuring, and forecasts for the energy business. Looking more broadly to the market as a whole, he then weighed in on why he currently sees opportunity in dividend growers.


While on The Shelton Herald (03/03/15), John weighs in heavily to discuss the economics and workforce of the State of Connecticut. Within, he notes that the state's primary natural resource is its intellectual capacity, weighs in on the exodus of young people, and presents on The American Renaissance.


With FOX Business (02/10/15), John discusses a potential Santa Clause rally to close out the year. He also reacts to the Keurig earnings report and notes there will be positive political, European economic, and U.S. economic news.

John appears on FOX Business (01/09/15) "After the Bell" to discuss 2015's theme of diver-gence. Within, he states that the most prominent portrayals will likely be between the United States and Europe and within the energy markets.

John contributes to an article for The New York Times (01/09/15), discussing what an adviser can offer to clients beyond returns. Within, he discusses why associates at People's United Wealth Management reach out to clients more often than most and what that brings to a relationship.

John discusses the outlook for markets in 2015 while on FOX Business (12/30/2014).

On FOX Business (11/19/2014), John discusses a potential Santa Clause rally to close out the year. He also reacts to the Keurig earnings report and notes there will be positive political, European economic, and U.S. economic news.

While on Bloomberg (11/10/14), John discusses the market and economy, both domestic and global headed into 2015 and beyond.

The Connecticut Post (10/30/2014) features John and shares his input on the market and economy.

John discusses the last fiscal quarter and what he looks forward to in terms of earnings with CNBC (10/19/14).

On FOX Business (10/17/14), John shares his thoughts on the European Market and new opportunities that may come about.

Appearing on the Nightly Business Report(10/03/14) John notes that in terms of asset allocation, he is preparing for an improving economy with faster growth by looking to the cyclical sector as an investment option.

John shares with The Washington Post (10/01/14) that People's United reallocated their high-yield bonds, which had grown too expensive, to lower yielding bonds from companies with stronger credit ratings.

While on Reuters (09/12/14), John discusses sanctions against Russia, how it will affect the energy markets, and how he is reacting from an investment standpoint.

John Traynor appeared on FOX Business (09/03/14), to discuss his thoughts on the strength of the U.S. dollar and his bullish perspective on U.S. markets.

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While on Bloomberg Radio (08/07/14), John shares how to best plan your personal investing strategies and cautions investors to 'not get greedy'.

On FOX Business (08/04/14), John shares why he currently favors large-caps in addition to providing a few primary stock picks.

John shares his thoughts with CNBC (07/14/14) on how short interest in the average S&P 500 stock is at the highest level since September 2012. and still has room to grow.

In a pair of (05/28/14) articles, John comments on investor sentiment with regards to the latest report on U.S. GDP growth. He notes that, "There are two camps of investors. They seem to fall down on the side of ‘is the economy at a point where it reaches a self-sustaining path?'" He goes on to say that he thinks we will see better growth numbers in the latter half of 2014.

John gives his viewpoint on the state of oversold small cap-stocks in a market update article on (05/28/14). John mentions that People's United Bank Wealth Management is betting that the downdraft in small-company stocks will be reversed as confidence in the outlook for the U.S. economy improves.



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