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The People's United Wealth Management team is called upon to lend commentary and insights to various media outlets.

The views expressed in these appearances are based on market conditions at the time the segment originally aired. 


Albert Brenner Albert Brenner Senior Portfolio Manager, Wealth Management Senior Vice President

Albert joined Morning Trade Live to discuss the markets' reaction to recent economic data from the fed. Ameritrade (06/22/18/)

Albert weighed in on the day's market news and stocks. Market Watch (06/05/18)

Albert joined CNBC Worldwide Exchange to discuss the day's market news. (06/01/18)

Albert made an appearance on FOX Business (05/25/18) 

Albert spoke with Bill Watts to discuss the impact of rising oil prices on portfolios. MarketWatch (05/21/18)

Albert shared his current thoughts on the stock market. Morningstar (04/04/18)

  • "Stocks fall as China hits back at U.S. with new tariffs; Boeing, Caterpillar tumble"

Albert shared his current thoughts on the stock market. Market Watch (04/04/18)

Albert shares where he's finding opportunity in the market. FOX Business (04/02/18)

Bert joined FBN:AM to discuss the latest with the markets. FOX Business (02/23/18)

Bert discussed that timing the market is notoriously difficult for investors to know when to reduce risk and when to restore it. U.S. News.(10/06/17) 

Bert discussed where you should invest cash to take advantage of rising rates, without compromising your risk tolerance. (08/03/17)

Bert shares thoughts on attitudes regarding the Fed's decision to hike rates. (03/13/17)

Bert's comments on Little Movement in U.S. stocks as markets await expected rate hike.  (03/13/17)

Bert discusses his current asset allocation and thoughts on the market. Reuters TV (03/07/17)

Bert discusses how markets will be affected by Trump and rising inflation. U.S. News (02/14/17)

Bert explains that the market is looking for direction from the White House on policy- Wall St set to open lower amid political uncertainly.(02/06/17)

Bert shares how investors should be reacting to the Dow reaching 20K. USA Today (01/25/17).

Bert provides a 2017 outlook and said tariffs on foreign country could raise prices in America. U.S. News (01/10/17)

Bert discussed year end thoughts. U.S. News (12/13/16)

Bert talks about the Trump stock-market rally. Market Watch (11/12/16)

Bert discusses the WM industry reaction to a Trump Presidency. (11/10/16)- slide 3 

Bert is quoted 11/10/16 in Stocks up after election; businesses take a 'wait-and-see' outlook.

Bert discusses his opinion on Market Watch (11/09/16)

Bert reacts to the Presidential Debate. CNN Money (09/27/16)

Bert discussed how the Brexit vote will impact global central banks and the possibility of a Fed rate hike this year. U.S. News (07/05/16)

Bert discusses how now might be a good time to buy stocks that got hit hard on Friday after Brexit Vote on CNN Money (06/24/16)

Bert provides Brexit reactions, hours after the vote with the New York Times (6/24/16)


Bert explains that investors are uncertain about the state of the economy and are worried about more than just the Brexit vote on IBT (6/24/16).


Bert discusses buying stocks and long term investing with CNN Money (06/10/16).


Brenner emphasizes that cultivating an empathic approach to providing financial advice is useful during periods of market volatility. WSJ (05/16/16)


In the WSJ (05/16/16) Bert explains that advisers also have emotional responses to market turmoil, even if they are trained not to panic.


In the U.S. News (05/05/16), Bert explains how hedge funders benefit from short selling.


Bert discusses his market strategies and forecast conditions to come with CNBC (04/20/16).


Bert comments on what stocks hitting new highs signals to investors about market strength in USA TODAY. (04/05/16)


Bert discussed topical market items in the following article hosted by DOW JONES. (02/24/16)


Bert discussed the low prices of oil on FOX BUSINESS (02/02/16). 


Bert discussed why he is currently bullish overall on CNBC (01/11/16).


Bert talks about the auto sector and what he thinks of the hit on CNBC (01/11/16).


Bert discusses whether we are seeing repetitions with regard to past recessions and market crashes on CNBC (01/11/16).


Bert discusses the future of Amazon and Netflix stocks while on CNBC (11/25/15).


Bert discusses what he sees moving forward in the short term on MarketWatch (09/21/15).


Joining Benzinga (09/16/15) Bert discusses the equity market, global economy, and central bank action.


Appearing on CNBC (09/15/15) Bert discusses dividend stocks in light of the upcoming Fed decision.


While on CNBC (09/15/15) Bert discusses recent volatility and how he is advising clients in terms of their risk profile.


Bert discusses large tech stocks and whether the sector at present merits any investor caution while on CNBC (09/15/15).


Bert discusses last week's CNBC (09/02/15) volatility and what he sees moving forward.


Bert discusses last week's CNBC (09/02/15) volatility and what he sees moving forward.


On CNBC (09/02/15) Bert discusses investor sentiment around the fixed income sector.


While on Market Watch (08/28/15) Bert discusses the prospect of a rate-hike in September.


Brenner discusses his thoughts with Bloomberg (08/03/15) at-present investor sentiment regarding the ticker and market as a whole.


With Market Watch (07/27/15) Bert discusses China's market drop in relation to domestic earnings.


Appearing on CNBC (07/19/15) Bert commented on the correlation between market moves and domestic economic expansion.


While on Bloomberg (07/06/15) Bert discusses his thoughts on the Greece situation.


Bert discusses investor sentiment with CNN Money (04/17/15) around Chinese equities.


Bert shares his thoughts on (03/22/15), to discuss market earnings multiples and why he sees a heightened likelihood of a correction.

While featured on CNN Money (02/08/15), Bert discusses the economy, the hotel sector, and market volatility.

Discussion with (01/12/15), Bert shares his opinion on U.S. equities, historical data, and the effect itself and how to best capitalize.

Made in the USA! Bert discusses with CNBC (12/07/14), why he is overweight equities, and what market valuations should look like down the line.

On Main Street (11/06/14), Bert discusses what can happen when investors try to assess their own risk without financial advisors' guidance.

Bert lends his viewpoints with Financial Planning (08/31/14) on the use of regional funds within a portfolio and goes into detail about why Peoples' United Wealth Management chooses not to use them.

With the recent rally on Russian equities, Bert shares his thoughts with (08/25/14) about their sustainability.

On Bloomberg (08/24/14), Bert discusses the the high risk nature of Russian equities, comparing them to a "frontier market."

As escalation rises in Russia and Ukraine, Bert shares his thoughts with Bloomberg (08/17/14) on Russian Stocks.

While on Barron's (08/09/14), Bert shares his perspective on the conflict in Russia and how that plays into People's position on broader emerging markets.

Bert discusses a new fund with Morning Star (08/05/14) which invests across regions, countries, sectors, and the market cap spectrum.



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