Wealth Management Experts in the news.

The People's United Wealth Management team is called upon to lend commentary and insights to various media outlets.

The views expressed in these appearances are based on market conditions at the time the segment originally aired.


John Traynor John Traynor Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer

John is quoted providing his three indicators of economic growth under the Trump presidency with Investment and Pensions Europe (IPE). (July/August magazine issue)

John received the first quote of the piece, discussing why he's keeping an eye on the tech sector. CNBC (06/13/17)

Albert Brenner Albert Brenner Senior Portfolio Manager, Wealth Management Senior Vice President

Bert shares thoughts on attitudes regarding the Fed's decision to hike rates. (03/13/17)

Bert's comments on Little Movement in U.S. stocks as markets await expected rate hike.  (03/13/17)


Karissa McDonough Karissa McDonough Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager

Karissa is quoted  on the state of buying bonds, is still strong due to having the Fed backing. (04/28/17) Barron's

Karissa offers analysis on the Fed's release of its March minutes, weighin in on the message they're trying to send. (04/05/17)

George Clough George Clough Senior Vice President, Financial Planner

George offers advice on why long-term investing is a more tax-efficient strategy to cut investment tax bills. (05/12/17) U.S. News

George, along with Manny Andrade, share how repealing DoL and  Dodd-Frank could impact the advisory industry. (02/07/17) Family Wealth Report

Manny Andrade Manny Andrade Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

Manny commented on how to create a retirement investing strategy from scratch.(03/14/17)

Manny shares how jumping back into the workforce after retiring, can have an impact on social security. US News (09/09/16)

John Conlon John Conlon Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer

John is quoted discussing how the market may react to the tax reform announcement. CNBC (04/26/17)

John weighs in on bank earnings. Reuters (04/13/17)

Celia Cazayoux Celia Cazayoux Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer

Celia discussing the increase in interest in clean energy and how these ETFs can replace energy in clients’ large-cap portfolios. Barron's (10/08/16)

Celia weighs in on what investors should look for when starting to invest in ETFs. U.S News (04/05/16)




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