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These subtopics provide instructions to help you use eTreasury+.

Getting Started

Getting StartedInstructions on how to get started using online banking
How do I enroll in eTreasury+?

Visit In the Online Banking Login section to the left of the page click "Business", then click "Enroll". You will be directed to the eTreasury+ Enrollment Form where you can sign up for eTreasury+.

How do I login to my eTreasury+ account?

Visit Go to the Online Banking Login section to the left of the page and click "Business". Enter your Company ID and User ID, click "Login", you will then be prompted to enter your password.


LoginInstructions on how to login to eTreasury+
How do I unlock my eTreasury+ account?

Your eTreasury+ account can be unlocked by the designated administrator(s) at your company by following these steps within eTreasury+.

1. Go to Administration -> User Administration
2. Click on System Access for the user you wish to modify
3. Enter and confirm the new temporary password
4. Click Save Changes

If you are the administrator or do not have a designated administrator you can contact our dedicated online support team at 1-800-525-9248.

Balances and Transactions

Balances and TransactionsInstructions on Balances and Transactions
How do I search Transaction History?

Navigate the Reports link on the menu bar and select Account Activity. This will bring you to the criteria page which allows you to define custom search parameters.

Bill Pay

Bill PayInstructions on Bill Pay
How do I add new bill payment payees?

After logging into eTreasury+ go to the Transfers and Payments menu and click “Pay bills”. This will bring you to the Bill Pay landing page. If you do not have the “Pay bills” option contact your company administrator, send us a message or call our Online Banking support at 1.800.525.9248.

How do I add new bill payment payees?

On the Bill Pay Landing page click the “Add Payee” link.

How can I sort my payees?

All of the information within the Make Payments tab can be sorted by clicking the “Pay to” header. You can also use the “View” drop down to change the payees that display.

How do I setup recurring bill payments?

Click on the payee name and select “Set up auto-pay”.

How do I add invoice information to a payment?

Click on the payee name and select “Add invoice”.

How do I edit or cancel pending bill payments?

From the Bill Pay landing page all pending payments will be displayed under the Scheduled Activity section. The payment can be easily cancelled or edited by clicking on the payment and either choosing the “Cancel Payment” or “Modify Payment” options.

Where do I find the confirmation number for a payment I made?

The confirmation number can be found by going to Payment Details. You can find the Payment Details by clicking on the payment listed in Scheduled Activity or Payment History.

How do I access payments to be approved?

From the Bill Pay landing page, if you have the entitlement to approve payments, the Approval Menu will be in the top left hand corner of the Company Menu. Select the payments to approve and click on the Submit button.

How do I change what name is printed on my checks?

You will need to have a sub company created so that the name on the account you are paying from can print on the checks. To create a new Bill Payment sub-company you can send us a secure message requesting this be set up for you.

What happens to my existing payees if I establish a new sub-company?

The payees that you wish to have under the new sub-company will need to be reestablished along with any scheduled payments.

How do I pay bills from my sub companies?

If you are setup or entitled to access sub companies you can choose the company to work with from the Select Company page. Bill Payment companies are listed in alphabetical order according to the business name.


StatementsInstructions on how Statements
How do I access my statements online?

Locate the "Reports" link from the gray toolbar click "Statements and Documents - Account Selection". Choose the statement you wish to access.

How do I change statement delivery method?

The delivery method for a deposit statement can be changed by visiting the Statements and Documents page under the Reports menu selection. Once on the 'Statements and Documents - Account Selection' page, click the link titled 'Statements and Documents - Preferences' where you will be presented with a list of your accounts and a dropdown box next to each one where you can select paper, online, or both paper and online statements.

It is important to note that only the Primary user can change the delivery preference.


TransfersInstructions on Transfers
How do I make an ACH and/or Wire transfer?

Log in to your eTreasury+ account, select "Transfers and Payments" link from the gray toolbar towards the top of the screen. Click the ACH or Wire link that fits your needs. Please note that these 2 services must be previously activated on your eTreasury+ profile in order to make a transfer. If you need to activate these services speak with a Cash Management Officer, call 866-831-5717 or send us a message using the 'Contact Us' link and provide us with your current contact information and we will have a Cash Management Officer in your specific region contact you.

How do I find scheduled ACH and/or wire transfers?

Log in to your eTreasury+ account, select the "Transfers and Payments" link from the gray toolbar. From the drop-down menu click "View completed ACH transactions". And then on the left side under "Quick Links" click "Manage next scheduled requests".

How do I receive a wire transfer?

To receive a wire transfer to your account, please provide the following information to the individual or business that is sending the wire:

Domestic (U.S.):
- Wire Routing Transit Number: 221172186
- Bank Name: People's United Bank
- City, State: Bridgeport, CT
- Your Account Number: Your full account number
- Title of Account: The name of your account as it appears on your statement

- Wire Routing Transit Number: 221172186
- Bank Name: People's United Bank
- City, State: Bridgeport, CT
- Account Number:Your ten digit account number
- Title of Account: Your name as it appears on your account