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Getting Started

Getting StartedFrequently asked questions about Getting Started Using Online Banking
How long does it take to get access to my eTreasury+ online profile?

After you submit the online eTreasury+ Enrollment Form, it will take up to 2 business days for your online profile to be created. Once your online profile is created you will receive two separate emails. The first email will provide you with your Company ID that will be needed to login. The second email is an official Welcome Confirmation email that indicates your enrollment has been completed and you can now begin to access your online account.

What are some features and benefits of having an eTreasury+ online profile?

You may take advantage of the convenient features encompassed in your eTreasury+ package; features such as view account information, set up and schedule payments, and schedule transfers, etc.

Does it take a lot of time to setup an eTreasury+ profile?

The online eTreasury+ Enrollment Form should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. It can take up to 2 business days for us to process your form and create your profile to complete your enrollment.

Are there any fees for eTreasury+?

Our eTreasury+ service offers several tiers. The fees assessed to you will depend on the tier that you access. For more information please contact your local branch.

Which operating system and browser should I use for eTreasury+?

Operating System Apple Inc. Safari® Microsoft Internet Explorer® Microsoft Edge® Mozilla Firefox® Google Chrome™
Windows 7 64 bit 11 56 or latest 61 or latest
Windows 8.1 64 bit 11 56 or latest 61 or latest
Windows 10 32 bit 11 41 or latest 56 or latest 61 or latest
Windows 10 64 bit 11 41 or latest 56 or latest 61 or latest
Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra™) 11
Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra™) 11


LoginFrequently asked questions about logging into eTreasury+
Are there any password restrictions?

Yes, passwords must be 8 to 12 characters long, must include at least three of the following: lower case letter, upper case letter, number, special character, cannot include spaces, cannot include a character that repeats more than 3 times, are case sensitive and may include special characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & *) (_+=| / ?;:.} {-[ ]

How often will I be required to update my password?

We require that all eTreasury+ passwords be reset every 90 days.

Why can't I login to my account?

You may be experiencing difficulties accessing your account due to the following reasons:

- The username and/or password you have entered is incorrect
- If you are trying to login from, the account type selected may be incorrect - (For business accounts, remember to select "Business")
- You've had three invalid login attempts and have been locked out of the system
- You have not successfully signed into eTreasury+ within the past 90 days
- You were assigned a temporary password and have not signed on with it in the past 10 days

If you have verified any of the above or are still having difficulty accessing your account, please call 1-800-525-9248.

How can additional signers view information?

Additional users can be added to eTreasury+ by upgrading your package to eTreasury+ Premier. The eTreasury+ Premier package provides you with all of the functionality available in our eTreasury+ Basic reporting package plus the addition of having multiple users.


StatementsFrequently asked questions about Statements
Can I download my statements?

Yes, log in to your eTreasury+ account and locate the "Reports" link Click "Statements and Documents - Account Selection" from the drop down menu. Then locate the statement you wish to download. Open the statement and either download it or save it.


AlertsFrequently asked questions about Alerts
What type of alerts does People's United Online Banking have for business customers?

People's United Online Banking business customers can choose to receive 3 types of alerts- Account Alerts, Non-Account Alerts, and Custom Alerts. These alerts can be delivered to the customer through their online banking mailbox, email, or text message. To review available alerts and to activate alerts, go to the Administrative tab and click on manage alerts.

Are the alerts done in real time?

All Transfer and Payment alerts are sent real time. Alerts related to deposit account activity are delivered the next business day.