Community Reinvestment

In 1977, the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was enacted to encourage regulated deposit-taking institutions to extend credit to low- and moderate-income communities. CRA updates through the years have led to the act’s current focus on lending, investment and service tests.

The CRA rates a bank’s compliance with its regulations and, after a thorough review, will assign one of the following ratings: Outstanding, Satisfactory, Needs to Improve, or Substantial Noncompliance.

Since the law’s enactment, People’s United Bank has a proud record of “Outstanding” CRA ratings.

We are committed to continuing our extensive legacy of meeting the needs of all communities in our footprint, including those of low- or moderate-income. Our long history of serving communities continues as we utilize both our banking and philanthropic skills to help make a difference throughout our service areas.

Click to see a map of our assessment areas. We encourage you to read more about CRA compliance.

For the lending, investment and service tests of CRA Compliance, People’s 
United Bank has made the following contributions in our geographic footprint.

CRA Compliance 

What are the tests by which a bank is judged for CRA compliance?

An individual bank’s performance relative to CRA standards is based on three areas: lending, investment and service tests.


Community development lending at People’s United Bank is focused on low- and moderate- income households and communities, and includes a broad array of responsive and specialized products including home mortgages, small business loans, economic development loans and loans for affordable housing, supportive services and rural development.  The bank uses its own lending capability and partners with a variety of federal and state agencies to provide responsive lending products.


At People’s United Bank, investing in our communities includes working with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, purchasing low-income housing tax credits, state tax credits, new market tax credits, renewable energy tax credits and historic tax credits, and participating in equity funds designed to meet needs of communities in our banking markets.  People’s United Bank continually reviews opportunities to deploy capital which can lead to successful economic development, job creation and affordable home ownership. 


People’s United Bank provides numerous services to reach all our constituencies.  Those services include our extensive branch network, well-designed and affordable banking products, and a remarkable array of bank-supported activities including homeowner advocacy, mortgage counseling, nonprofit board membership, loan and investment committee membership, and volunteerism by our engaged workforce in all banking offices throughout our six-state footprint. Our community relations and philanthropic activities are coordinated to provide the best combination of banking expertise and corporate citizenship.

What is People’s United Bank’s CRA vision?

People’s United Bank seeks to: 

  • Achieve an “Outstanding” CRA rating for the company
  • Build a comprehensive program integrated across divisions and activities of the organization
  • Serve communities by satisfying credit, investment and service needs – our highest value is to be an effective bank with strategy appropriate to each market
  • Find partnership opportunities with other financial institutions, government entities and not-for-profits that share our objectives
  • Educate and involve management, staff, board members and community
  • Engage and inform our regulator about objectives, progress and challenges
  • Rely on area and line managers for strategic guidance, resources and program oversight.

People’s United Bank currently has an “Satisfactory” CRA rating.

For information about Community Development and CRA Activities at People’s United Bank, please contact: 

Art Casavant, CRA Officer                            

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