People's United Bank Welcomes United Bank Customers

3 ways to find your account number

  • Find your account number on the Customize Your Accounts page, which you can access from the Accounts page within Online Banking.
  • Refer to the letter we sent to you in late March / early April 2020 containing your new account number. Letters were mailed only to customers assigned a new account number(s).
  • If you’ve enrolled for online delivery of statements and notices, a notice is available for your renumbered account.

United Bank Customer FAQs

We have matched your account to the People’s United Bank account with the most similar features and benefits. In many cases, we will waive monthly service charges for a limited period, so you have time to make sure the account features and benefits fit the way you use your account the best. See the listing on the back of the letter sent to you in early March for the name(s) of your account(s) at People’s United Bank as of April 4, 2020. Please review the appropriate sections in the welcome guide for highlights of your account, as well as the Retail Account Disclosure Booklet for the terms and conditions that will apply to your accounts at People’s United Bank.

Please note:

  • People’s United Bank accounts cannot be set up as “Joint without rights of survivorship.” These accounts will convert as “Joint with rights of survivorship.” Please refer to page 5 of the Retail Account Disclosure Booklet for more information.
  • We also do not support accounts that require the signature of two or more persons for a withdrawal or check drawn on the account. For more information, see page 4 in the Retail Account Disclosure Booklet.

Most customers account number(s) have remained the same. If you were assigned a new account number(s), you would have been notified by mail prior to conversion weekend. (See below for how to find your account number).

Your old routing number is still associated with your account, so if you have Social Security, payroll or other funds depositing electronically to your account, these deposits will continue uninterrupted, as will any automatic debits from your account. You may also continue using your United Bank checks. 

When you need to set up new deposits or purchase new checks, please use your new routing number: 221172186.

If you’ve been assigned a new account number, you can find it 3 ways:

  • Refer to the letter sent late March/early April
  • Log into Online Banking and go to the Customize Accounts page
  • If you’ve enrolled for online delivery of statements and notices, a notice is available for your renumbered account. 

You can use your existing United Bank checks even if your account number has changed. When you re-order checks through People’s United Bank, they will include the People’s United Bank logo as well as your new Routing Transit Number – 221172186. If you order checks through a third party, please make sure you use the new Routing Number. 

Yes. Existing and active* Debit and ATM cardholders should have received new People’s United Bank cards by March 31, 2020, to replace your United Bank debit card. If you have not received your card, please call 1-800-867-5295. Your United Bank debit card was deactivated on Friday, April 3rd, and can no longer be used.

You must activate your new debit card before using it for the first time. It’s easy to activate:

  • Call toll-free 1-866-619-0245
  • Complete a PIN transaction (Use your same United Bank PIN, unless you were assigned a new PIN by mail)

If you have already activated your card, you're all set to use your card in stores and online. 

*Active cards are those issued or used in the 12 months prior to January 10, 2020.

Unless you receive a letter from us by March 31, 2020 with a newly assigned PIN, you may continue to use your same United Bank PIN for your new People’s United Bank Debit or ATM Card.

Yes, if you would like to change the PIN on your People’s United Debit Card or ATM Card, you can do so at a People’s United ATM or branch. You will also have the opportunity to change the PIN for your Debit card through the card activation line after activating it.

Your credit card did not change during the conversion. You may continue to use your active existing United Bank credit card, including for online purchases and payments using the website listed on the back of your credit card.

Most customers who had multiple online banking profiles had their profiles merged into a single banking profile on April 10th that is better suited to their needs. If you were one of these customers, going forward, you will use the following User ID to log in:

  • Use your People’s United Bank User ID if you used Bill Pay on your People’s United Bank profiles OR if you did not use Bill Pay on either bank profile
  • Use your United Bank User ID if you used Bill Pay on your former United Bank profile

If you continue to see multiple banking profiles, you can send a secure message via Online Banking to request a single profile and we will merge them.

In addition, if you are enrolled in Mobile Banking, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the People’s United Bank Mobile app.  

You will need to download our People's United Bank app to use mobile banking. Please first make sure you’ve already enrolled and signed into Online Banking, then download the appropriate app based on whether you want to access personal or business mobile banking. For the personal mobile banking app, look for the icon with a blue P and red and blue stripe at the bottom. For more help on how to download the app for iOS and Android, or how to sign in, check out our Mobile Banking How-to Demos.  

If you have Social Security, payroll, or other funds deposited electronically to your account, these direct deposits will continue without interruption, as will any automatic debits from your account.

Your transactions will be re-ordered at the end of the business day to post your deposited items before your withdrawals to help prevent overdraft fees. To view the complete posting order, please see the Retail Account Disclosure Booklet.

The terms of your safe deposit box rental agreement remain the same. You will continue to receive an annual notice regarding your safe deposit box rental fee. Previously established auto debits to pay your rental fee will continue.

Your eStatement preference will not carry over and your statements will be mailed. If you receive statements via mail and through eStatements, only your paper statements will continue.  You need to re-establish you statement preference by enrolling in our eStatements service. You can do this by signing on to online banking and selecting “Documents” and “Change your document delivery method”. Learn How to Enroll in Online Documents.


Upon enrollment in eStatements, all statements and notices will be available the week of May 4, 2020. Historical statements and notices will be added throughout the month of April, as available. If you should need a copy of your statement before it becomes available online, you can request a copy by contacting our conversion hotline at 1-800-867-5295.

Tax forms may not be available prior to April 15, 2020. On or after April 6, 2020, you can enroll in electronic tax forms by signing on to online banking and selecting “Documents” and “Change your document delivery method” in the Tax Forms section.

If you have a seasonal address on file, your instructions will transfer but only for the next time they’re scheduled to be in effect.

After that, when it’s time to switch addresses, you will need to complete a new seasonal address form at your local People’s United branch.

We’re here to help if you have questions or need assistance.

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