Your deposit account balances and/or transaction history in online and mobile banking may not reflect all pending transactions which have not yet posted to your deposit account. These pending transactions may include pending bill payments, external transfers, mobile check deposits, MasterMoney® Purchases, or fees such as those noted in the Schedule of Deposit Account Charges. Pending ATM deposits, including envelope free cash deposits, and transfers made after 7:00 pm ET on a business day may be reflected in your deposit account balances but are not credited until the posting date on your deposit receipt, and should not be drawn against until the funds have been made available. Your deposit balances do not include funds from a Personal Credit Line, Overdraft Protection Sweep or overdraft protection program.

Please refer to the Consumer Deposit Account Agreement (CDAA), Funds Availability Policy and Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement (EFT Agreement) for additional information. To learn more about People's United Privacy Practices, read our Privacy Notice.

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