Why intellectual capital and uncommon expertise should matter to you.

Client Questions

4:57 min

Questions include understanding your portfolio, ESG and SRI investing, taxes and tariffs

Yield Curve

1:18 min

Is the yield curve inverting? What are the yield curve's implications?

Open Architecture

4:08 min

What are the benefits of an open architecture structure? How does it work in a client's portfolio?


Think about the economy as a machine. The financial markets are the pressure relief valves.

- John Traynor

Quarterly Review

Second Quarter Edition

Our quarterly magazine includes People's United Advisors' outlook for global markets, as well as industry insights.

Feature Video
20:39 min

A Wealth of Knowledge

In this new video in our Insights Series, Chief Investment Officer John Traynor and Head of Portfolio Solutions Celia Cazayoux discuss economic and market views on New England as a leading source of intellectual captial as well as portfolio construction and the importance of open architecture portfolio solutions.

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In the second quarter, we are merging our investment teams at People’s United Wealth Management into a single registered investment advisor, People’s United Advisors Inc.

This will strengthen our ability to better serve each client and continue to provide the services that most effectively meet our clients‘ wealth management and investment needs.



For today, tomorrow and retirement.



Insuring what matters most.



Managing risk in your portfolio.



Investment growth vs inflation.


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