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Client Questions

2:44 min

Starting a new advisor relationship? Time to take gains off of the table?

Market Outlook

3:18 min

The economy, the Fed, inflation vs. headlines – deciphering signals from the noise.

Mid-Year Checkup

1:52 min

Are you positioned to meet your goals? Have you revisited your investment plan?


As investors, we must always strive to separate the eternal truths of the economy from the ephemeral insanity of the headlines.

- John Traynor

Quarterly Review

Third Quarter Edition

Our quarterly magazine includes People's United Advisors' outlook for global markets, as well as industry insights.


White Paper

Information Overload?

Investment Strategy - September 2018

Economic and Market Insights

Feature Video
22:23 min

Advice is in the eye of the beholder

It can be overwhelming to navigate the labyrinth of investment options available in the marketplace. Especially through the parallel filter of chaotic market and economic times. Watch Chief Investment Officer John Traynor and People’s Securities, Inc. Financial Advisor, Naomi Bourque share their thoughts in our newest People’s United Advisors Insight conversation.

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In the second quarter, we are merging our investment teams at People’s United Wealth Management into a single registered investment advisor, People’s United Advisors Inc.

This will strengthen our ability to better serve each client and continue to provide the services that most effectively meet our clients‘ wealth management and investment needs.



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