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Login Process

Belmont Savings Bank Online Banking will be in inquiry-only mode starting at 3:00 PM ET, Friday, July 26 and will remain so throughout conversion weekend. People’s United Online Banking will be made available to you in full on Monday, July 29 at 8:00 AM ET. 

Your existing Belmont Savings Bank business online banking User ID is being converted and will be used when accessing eTreasury+.

The Company ID is used to identify your company when accessing eTreasury+. The Company ID cannot be changed and is required at each login.

Your temporary password is PuBK (case-sensitive) and the last four digits of the Business Tax Identification Number belonging to the business entity that created the online profile, e.g. PuBK2345. You’ll be prompted to choose a new password for future use. .

First you will enter your newly issued Company ID and existing Belmont Savings Bank User ID and click "Login." Then, on the next page, you will be prompted to enter your Password.

Please be sure to check that you are attempting to access a business online banking profile that you created. The temporary password is based on the last 4 digits of the Business Tax Identification Number belonging to the business entity that created the online profile.

Be sure that you are using the correct User ID. If you need assistance, call us at 1-800-867-5295..

Passwords must be 8 to 12 characters long, must include at least three of the following:

· Lower case letter

· Upper case letter

· Number

· Special character including: ! @ # $ % ^ & *) (_+=| / ?;:.} {-[ ]

· It cannot include spaces or a character that repeats more than 3 times

· Passwords are case sensitive

Our enhanced security is designed to detect changes in behavior that are possible indicators of fraud. The system may ask for additional information when the behavior is different. For example, if you regularly sign onto eTreasury+ from your office computer and are now attempting to sign on using a mobile device we may require additional authentication.

You will be prompted to enter a one-time security code via phone call or text message.

If you need assistance updating your phone number, you can either visit a local branch for assistance or call our Conversion Hotline at 1-800-867-5295 and we will be happy to assist you. Our Call Center representatives are available 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM ET, 7 days a week.

Please note that a text message can take a few minutes to be delivered. If you still do not receive a text after a few minutes you can cancel and try again or you can try the other security options available.

Secure tokens provide an extra layer of security when you login to eTreasury+. It creates random security codes or one time passwords to use along with your regular username and PIN. It's like a combination lock for your account – designed to let you in and keep others out – except that the combination always changes.

For customers that are enabled for ACH and/or Wire Transfer services a new secure token will be issued to all users on the eTreasury+ profile.

You will be required to create a new PIN, 4-8 characters long, when you initially login to eTreasury+. The PIN will be entered in the Passcode field followed immediately by the code from your secure token.

The first time you log into eTreasury+, you will be prompted to validate your phone number and email address. Keeping your contact information up to date is an important part of successfully accessing eTreasury+ and receiving important alerts.

If you use a password to login please contact the People's United Bank Call Center at 1-800-867-5295. If you use a secure token to login please contact our Client Support team at 1-866-831-5717.

Account Activity

If you are experiencing this issue please contact us at 1-800-867-5295 for further assistance. Your company may need to identify a Primary User. This user will be the administrator for eTreasury+ and is required to entitle additional users to accounts and services. Please complete the Primary User form and fax it to 844-264-3580 or visit your local branch.

Transaction activity from June and July will be available as of July 29, 2019and 18 months of eStatements will transfer to People’s United Bank. If you wish to keep any prior information for your records, access the Belmont Savings Bank system to download and print the information you wish to keep before 3:00 PM ET on Friday, July 26.

If you currently only receive your deposit account statement electronically, you will continue to receive eStatements after the transition. If you receive statements via mail and through eStatements, only your mailed statements will continue.

You can enroll in our eStatement service through eTreasury+ on or after July 29, 2019, by selecting “Reports,” then “Statements & Documents,” and “View and maintain document preferences”.

Bill payments

Yes, the payees currently setup in Belmont Savings Bank business online banking will be available through eTreasury+.

Bill payments will be delivered in 2 — 5 business days.

Payments must be requested by 9:00 PM ET to be processed that night.

ACH & Wire Transactions

Scheduled or reoccurring ACH transactions from the Belmont Savings Bank business online banking system dated after July 29, 2019 will not be converted to eTreasury+ and will need to be re-established.

Cutoff times for ACH transactions

  • 8:00 PM ET

Cutoff times for wire transactions:

  • 5:30 PM ET U.S. Domestic
  • 5:00 PM ET International U.S. Dollar
  • 5:00 PM ET International Foreign Currency

To ensure the security of your banking information, People's United Bank will require you to enter your secure token Passcode when approving monetary transactions, please refer to the instructions provided in the communication sent to you with your new Company ID and login credentials on how to establish your secure token.

Account Reconciliation & Positive Pay (ARPPA)

Outstanding check issues from the Belmont Savings Bank Positive Pay system entered prior to 3:00 PM ET, July 26, 2019 will be converted to eTreasury+ ARPPA.

Yes, the eTreasury+ ARPPA service supports comma delimited (CSV) or fixed width file formats.

You will receive an email alert notifying you of an exception that needs to be reviewed.

Window Open time for ARPPA check exception decision:

  • 9:00 AM ET

Window Cutoff time for ARPPA check exception decision:

  • 2:00 PM ET

As People’s United Bank continues to seek to provide an exceptional customer experience, we are pleased to offer a variety of new services available for your business through eTreasury+ ARPPA. For more information on Reconciliation services, please contact your Treasury Management Sales Officer.

Customer Service

You will have the ability to create account, transactional, and user related alerts, but your existing alerts will not be converted over to the new system.

Yes, you can access the check reorder link by going to the Account Services tab in eTreasury+.

Yes, to learn more on how to use eTreasury+ please click on the “eTreasury+ User Guides” link under Account Services within eTreasury+.

As People’s United Bank continues to seek to provide an exceptional customer experience, we are pleased to offer a variety of new services available for your business through eTreasury+. For more information, please contact your local branch or Account Officer.

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