One Switch. Instant Control.

Keep your debit card in check with our mobile app.

When you enable Card Controls through the People’s United Mobile Banking App, you control when, where and how your debit card can be used. It gives you the power to control spending, while also providing extra security. And it’s easy…one switch unlocks multiple options for you to match your debit card to the way you spend.

But, what if I disable something I need? Don’t worry, you can change your settings at any time and it will take effect, instantly!

Go ahead, turn on the power of Debit Card Controls.

Take advantage of Debit Card Controls

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Ways to control your debit card

Misplaced debit card?

Enable/Disable your debit card.

Instantly disable your debit card to prevent new purchases or ATM transactions. Once you find your debit card again, enable it just as quickly.

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Where you go.

Define geographical regions.

Set custom regions on where your debit card can be used or if you’re staying local, block international transactions.

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Where you shop.

Select merchant categories.

You can enable groceries and gas stations for everyday purchases, but disable restaurant and travel until needed.

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How you shop.

Choose transactional types.

If you don’t shop online often, you can disable eCommerce but turn it on instantly when you need it.

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Stay on budget.

Set transaction limits.

Determine your threshold amount to help prevent overspending.

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What are Card Controls?

Card Controls allow you to control how and where your debit card is used. You can Enable/Disable a debit card for use, restrict card usage to specific types of Merchants and/or Transaction Types, set Transaction Limits and restrict card use to specific geographical regions.

How do I enroll my debit cards for Card Controls?

1. Sign in using the People’s United Mobile Banking app

2. Select Cards Controls from the More menu

3. Select Add to enroll into Card Controls

Can I disable my debit card for use if I have lost or misplaced my card?

Yes, once enrolled in Card Controls select the desired card and slide Enable card for use into the off position to disable.

How long does it take for Card Control changes to take effect?

The changes made in Card Controls are effective immediately.

How are Merchant Types used?

Merchant Type controls can be used to permit or restrict your debit card from being used with specific categories of merchants. Merchant Types include Department Stores, Entertainment, Gas Station, Groceries, Household, Personal Care, Restaurants, and Travel.

How are businesses assigned a Merchant Category?

A Merchant Category is assigned based on the merchant’s primary line of business by the Debit Card processor they use.

Can businesses be assigned multiple Merchant Categories?

Debit Card processors will assign businesses a single Merchant Category code based on the higher volume of service/merchandise sales.

How are Transaction Types Used?

Transaction Types can be used to control which types of transactions are permitted. Transaction Types include In-Store, Online, Mail/Phone Order, Auto Pay, ATM, and Funds Transfer.

What is a Threshold Amount?

A Threshold Amount is the maximum dollar amount allowed per transaction. If a transaction exceeds your defined limit, the transaction is declined. Threshold Amounts will not increase your existing card limits.

What are My Regions?

Regions allow you to assign each enrolled card to a geographical area. When a transaction is initiated, the merchant’s location will be compared to your defined Region(s). If the transaction occurs outside of your Region(s), it is denied. For example, you’ve defined your region as New York. You place an order Online through a company transacting out of California. In this scenario, the transaction will be declined.

How do I create a Region?

Create a Region by zooming in and out on the map or by entering a specific Region. Although the visible area on your map is square, regions are contained within circles. This may cause areas within the corners of your map to fall outside of the Region. If this happens, edit your Region and zoom out on your map. Regions must have at least a five-mile radius.

Can I define a Region for card use and Block International transactions?

The Location Controls allows you to select My Regions or Block International Regions. For example, for My Regions to be enabled, Block International will need to be disabled.

Does my device have to be physically within a defined Region for a transaction to be approved?

No. The location of the transaction will be compared to your defined Regions, not your mobile device location.

What would happen if I disable the Transaction and Merchant Type Card Control?

Disabling the Transaction and/or Merchant Type Card Controls would turn off any controls that you may have selected within each category. All Transaction and/or Merchant Types would be permitted.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding Card Controls or to Report Fraud?

For questions regarding Card Controls or to report fraud please contact our Call Center at 800-525-9248 or visit for more information.