How to get started using Online Bill Pay

Schedule your payments or pay immediately, get alerts and reminders. Once you’re enrolled, you’re in!

How to enroll in Online Bill Pay

Once you are a People’s United Bank customer, simply sign-up for Online Banking. Once that is completed log into Online Banking then:

  • Sign into Online Banking at
  • Select Bill Pay from the top menu bar
  • Click Enroll Now
Online Banking screen highlighting location to pay bills

Add a payee

To get started, please identify the person or organization whom you would like to pay.

  • Click Bill Pay
  • Click Pay Someone new
  • Enter the name of the payee you want to add or choose from the list on the left
  • Fill in all applicable fields, then review and make sure you have provided the necessary information as it appears on your bill
  • Click Save Changes

If the payee offers e-bills, an Add a Payee – Set up e-bill page appears.

If the payee does not offer e-bills, a confirmation page appears. You can then click “Add another Payee” or “Pay this payee”.

Once the payee has been added, you can make a payment, add payment options, or setup e-bills (qualified merchants only).

Important Note: For your safety, People's United Online Banking is set up to automatically log you out of your People's United Online session if left idle for 10 minutes or more. So please have your merchant information ready prior to attempting to add or change a merchant.

Online Bill Pay screen highlighting location for adding a new payee

Make a payment

After you have set-up your payees you can make a payment. From the Bill Pay page you can:

  • Enter the payment amount
  • Choose a payment date if you wish to change it
  • Click the Make payments button (located at the bottom of the page)
Online Bill Pay screen highlighting area to input desired payment amount and date

Set an auto pay schedule

To setup recurring bill payments, please identify the payee for which you would like to set up a recurring payment.

  • Click Bill Pay
  • In the Pay Many Tab Click on the name of the payee you would like to pay Choose Set up auto pay or in the Pay One tab click on options in the box of the payee you would like to pay-choose set up auto pay
  • If you do not have an e-bill set up for this particular payee, you will just fill in the information and click “Save Auto Pay Options”.

If you DO have an e-bill set up for this customer, you will get two options:

  • Set auto-pay in response to an e-bill or set auto-pay at regular intervals
  • Once you fill in the required information you hit Save auto-pay options
Online Bill Pay screen highlighting location for setting up auto-payments

Send an expedited payment


  • Select Bill Payment
  • Click on the payee you want to pay then click the pay it faster? Link
  • Complete your payment information and you are done
Online Banking screen showing pop-up window for sending an Expedited Payment

How do I edit or cancel pending bill payments?

  • Click Bill Pay
  • Go to the payment you want to edit or cancel
  • Click on the payment and then hit the “cancel payment” button to cancel the payment and the “edit payment” button to edit it.
Online Bill Pay screen highlighting location of Edit/Cancel options

How do I check previous payments I've made or a bill payment report?

To check previous payments made, please do the following:

  • Once in the bill pay screen click on the history tab
  • Click on the payment you want to look at

For a particular payee you can click on the name (Pay Many tab) or the options button (Pay One tab) and then click view payment history.

For a Bill Pay Report:

  • Click on the more tab
  • Click Bill Pay Reports at the top
  • You may also sort your payment history by payee, payment status or date and you may even create your own customized reports based on the criteria you select. You can view up to one year's worth of bill payment history.

Online Bill Pay screen highlighting location of the History tab

How do I review or add bill payment funding accounts?

Please be aware that only checking accounts may be used for bill payment.

To review or add bill payment funding accounts please use the following instructions:

  • Login to People's United Online Banking
  • Click All at the top of the page
  • Once the Menu on the side appears click Accounts then Payment Accounts
  • Check off the box next to the account you want to make payments from and hit Submit
Online Bill Pay screen highlighting location to review or edit funding accounts

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