Secure Tokens

A secure token generates a code that a user enters when logging into certain online business service platforms and apps at People’s United Bank. Tokens are a key method used for Two-Factor Authentication (see next question). Currently, our secure tokens come in two forms, depending on your business needs:

Hard Token – a small, portable hand-held device that generates a six-digit security code every 30 seconds, referred to as a “token code.” Hard tokens are registered to a single user who is enrolled in a business account or online service who is required to enter the code generated along with their PIN when logging into select online and mobile business account and service platforms.

Soft Token – a mobile app generates a real-time token code that a user enters in order to log into select online and mobile business account and service platforms. A new code needs to be generated after 60 seconds. The Token app supports additional PIN protection, fingerprint recognition, Face ID, and device binding capabilities for the highest level of security.

Two Factor Authentication is designed to enhance security and protect account data by validating the identity and permission of a user who is logging into a secure online business account or service platform or app. The two factors in 2FA are:

  • ‘Something you know,’ such as PIN
  • ‘Something you have,’ such as a hard token (device) or a generated soft token

All business users wishing to sign into certain People’s United Bank online business account and service platforms will need a secure token, including:

  • Business Online Banking (eTreasury+)
  • Business Mobile Banking app
  • Approving ACH and wire transactions
  • Global Exchange Connect

People’s United Bank is moving to the convenience and enhanced security that soft tokens offer, but hard tokens are also still available. Discuss which type of secure token makes sense for your business with your Treasury Management representative.

No, your company cannot have both hard and soft tokens enabled. If you are already using a hard token, you may continue using it, unless your company changes to a soft token license. Your company may speak with your Treasury Management representative or contact Client Support toll-free at (866) 831-5717 to enable soft token service. 

As a People’s United Bank customer, your Treasury Management representative will enable your secure token service (Hard or Soft) and discuss with you how to activate your company’s secure token service. For both Hard and Soft secure token set up, users will be prompted to set up a one-time PIN. For Hard Token, this is done on eTreasury+, while for Soft Token it can be done in the app as part of the activation process.

Hard Token

  • If a Hard Token is enabled, a token device will be requested.
  • Once requested, the token device will be received within 2 business days.
  • You will not be able to sign on until you receive your token device.
  • Activate with a one-time PIN set up in Business Online Banking (eTreasury+)
  • For further activation instructions, read Hard Token Secure Setup

Soft Token

  • Download Token: People’s United Bank from the iOS app store or Google Play
  • You will be prompted to activate your Token app upon logging into Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) and other applicable online business account service platforms and apps.
  • You will be able to log in real time using a generated token from the Token app.
  • Set up your Token app either with a PIN or biometrics if available on your mobile device (face ID or fingerprint recognition) for secure authentication.
  • Make sure your mobile device auto screen lock is set long enough to prevent getting kicked out during activation and having to start the process over again.
  • For additional support, view our online demo or read Soft Token Secure Setup

You can watch our online demo for help with how to set up your Soft Token app, or for technical support, contact the Client Support team toll-free at (866) 831-5717.

Once activated, you can change your PIN in the app anytime by clicking on ”Settings” and selecting ”Change PIN.”

Search for the app Token: People’s United Bank in the iOS app store or Google Play.

  • Token app is supported by Android devices Android 4.1 and later
  • Token app is supported by Apple devices with iOS 8.0 or later, including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

There are some important things to know about using a Soft Token, including:

  • A company can be enabled only for one type of secure token, either Hard or Soft, for all their users.
  • A company’s Administrator (or Primary User) must first be set up with a secure token license, based on the company’s preferred secure token service.
  • A Soft Token business license is specific to the User's device used in the activation process.
  • During the activation process, a user’s PIN is specific to that user. It is sensitive information and cannot be shared with anyone.
  • The Token app supports additional PIN protection, fingerprint recognition, Face ID and device binding capabilities to ensure the highest level of security.
  • If a user leaves a company, the Soft Token may be allocated to other new users by requesting the existing user to delete the token license in the app (found under “Settings”). The Administrator or Primary User will need to deactivate the token for this user in Business Online Banking (found under “System Access” in eTreasury+). The customer must inform the bank so that the soft token license is added to the pool of available soft tokens.

You can find additional support as follows:

Hard Token – See the First-time Login Instructions for Hard Token Secure Setup

Soft Token – Click on the support link in the Token app found under “Settings” or read Soft Token Secure Setup.

For any secure token issues, customers can call Client Services toll-free at (866) 831-5717.

Hard Token – If the User loses or misplaces their hard token, a new secure token request needs to be submitted for a replacement token. There will be a replacement fee for a new hard token request.

Soft Token – If a user’s mobile device is lost or stolen, the User will need to download the token app on the new device. In addition, the Administrator or Primary User will also need to deactivate the soft token for the lost/stolen mobile device in Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) by going to “User Administration,” find the User, then “System Access.” If the lost/stolen mobile device belongs to the Primary User, contact People’s United Bank Client Support at (866) 831-5717.

Hard Token – A user can reset the PIN themselves in their Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) account under their own profile.

Soft Token – You can change the PIN from the Token app under “Settings.” If a user does not remember their PIN, then the Administrator or Primary User will have to deactivate their token and the User will have to go through secure setup once again, as well as the activation process to set up the new PIN.

Your generated token expires after 60 seconds, then you will be automatically redirected to the app main screen. Click “Token Generator” and input your PIN or use your facial recognition/fingerprint to generate a new token.

Here are helpful tips if you’re having trouble with your Soft Token.

  • Make sure you are entering the correct PIN that you set up at activation.
  • If you forgot your PIN, after 3 attempts, the Token app will deactivate and lock you out and you will have to go through the token activation process again. You will need to work with your company’s Primary User or Administrator to deactivate your token in Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) or call Client Support at (866) 831-5717. In addition to deactivation of your Token, a new password reset will also be required.
  • If you can’t resolve the issue, contact the Client Support team toll-free at (866) 831-5717.

Talk with your Treasury Management representative to find out if there are any costs associated with your secure token service.