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People's United Bank will never send unsolicited emails asking customers to provide, verify, or update Passwords, PINs, or Account information such as Social Security number, Account Number, Credit Card Number, or other personal information.

If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from People’s United Bank, please forward it to abuse@peoples.com.

If you believe you are a victim of fraud call 1-800-894-0300

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Frequently asked questions

Common Questions

People's United Bank Routing Number is: 221172186. 

The 9-digit Routing Number and Bank Account Number are found on the bottom of your check. The Bank Routing Number is the first sequence of numbers; the Bank Account number is the second sequence of numbers.

The fastest way to update your mailing address is by signing into Online Banking. 

  • Click on the Customer Service 
  • Change Address – complete the form to send a secure message to update your address information 

Or to change your address by mail or fax, please click here to print out the Change of Address form.

Online Banking
To enroll in People's United Online Banking, you will need choose one of the verification methods below and have your Social Security number handy. 

Note: If you are a Non- Resident Alien please Contact Us for assistance 

1. People's United Bank Deposit Account Number (checking, savings or Money Market) 
- The ending balance from your last banking statement for the account number you entered 

2. People's United Bank Loan Account and Note Number (xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx) 
- Last Payment Amount 
- Original Principal Amount 

To sign up for Peoples United Online Banking click here.

Choose from the following convenient ways to reorder checks for People’s United Bank Account:

Online – Order through our partner, Harland Clarke.

Phone - Call 1-800-335-8123 and speak to a Harland Clarke representative

Branch - Visit a local branch near you.

The Stop a Check page is used to request that we stop payment on one or more checks. This is typically used when checks are either lost or stolen. Standard stop payment fees apply to this request. Payments made using online bill payment cannot be stopped using this page.

You can access the Stop a Check page by clicking Stop a Check on the Customer Service tab.

Note: We are not liable for items that are cashed or paid within 24 hours of this request.

1. Click the Customer Service tab. 
Result: The Customer Service Index page is displayed.

2. Click the ‘Stop a Check’ link
Result: The Stop a Check page is displayed.

3. Select the account from which the original check was written.

4. Enter the reason for the stop check request.

5. Do 1 of the following:

  • To stop payment on a single check, enter the name of the Payee and enter the Check Number. You can also choose to enter the Check Date or Amount.
  • To stop payment on a range of consecutively numbered checks, enter the starting check number in the From Check Number field and the ending check number in the To Check Number field.

6. Click ‘Continue’
Note: If changes are needed, click Edit.
Result: The Stop a Check Preview page is displayed.

7. Click ‘Submit Request’
Result: The Stop a Check Confirmation page is displayed.

The rules and fees for stop payments provide in your checking account guide, which are available here.

At People’s United Bank we offer tools to help you avoid overdrafts and overdraft fees. We also offer solutions to provide you with the protection and coverage you need if an overdraft does occur.

Learn more about overdrafts and overdraft protection

If you suspect fraudulent activities on your account, you may choose to do one of the following two options: 

1) Permanently deactivate People's Online Usage 
If you would like to discontinue use and never have access to our Online Banking System, even with a new account, you must contact a representative at 1-800-894-0300 or visit your local branch to inactivate your online banking usage. 

*Please note: This will prevent you from any future CEB enrollments 

2) Continue using the Peoples Online System

  • Before attempting to use your computer again, you must run your Spyware/Anti-Virus program, and do a full scan. We strongly recommend this process to be performed by a professional.
  • After the Spyware/Anti-Virus clean-up procedures are completed, please change your username and password. 

    To change your login in information:

1.Click More at the top of your screen

2.Select Customer Service

3.In the Customer Service Index choose either “Password” or “User ID”.

To change your password:

1.      Enter your current password

2.      Enter your new password

3.      Re-enter your new password to confirm.

4.      Select Submit to proceed.

Your password must be 8 to 16 characters in length and consist of letters and at least one number. Choose a password that is different from your user ID.

To change your username:

1.      Enter a new username

2.      Re-enter your new username to confirm.

3.      Select Submit to proceed.

Your username must be 8 to 32 characters in length and consist of letters and at least 2 numbers. Choose a username that is different from your password. Depending upon the type of fraud, it may be best to close the affected account and open a new one. This will not be necessary in all cases.

You will need to report all fraud claims to our Call Center at (800) 894-0300. After you have contacted the help center, please fill out and submit an On-line Dispute Claim Request form. Please click here to download the form or copy and paste the following URL to your browser: 

*Please download the PDF above to obtain the Call Center numbers and the address where to send the form to

If you are having trouble getting past the login screen, you may need to enable Java in your web browser. Follow these instructions to enable Java though your Web browser: 

Browsers for Windows

Internet Explorer:
1. Click Tools and then Internet Options 
2. Select the Security tab, and select the Custom Level button 
3. Scroll down to Scripting of Java applets 
4. Make sure the Enable radio button is checked 
5. Click OK to save your preference 

1. Enter about:plugins in the search field.
2. Scan for Java and check whether Java is enabled (if the Disable link appears, Java is already enabled)
3. Click on the Enable link (if available)
4. (Optional) Check the Always allowed box to stop additional Chrome warnings when running Java content 

Browsers for Windows and Mac OS X - 

1. Start Mozilla Firefox browser or restart it if it is already running
2. At the top of the browser, select the Firefox button (or Tools menu in Windows XP), then Add-ons.
The Add-ons Manager tab will open.
3. In the Add-ons Manager tab, select Plugins
4. Click Java (TM) Platform plugin to select it 
5. Click on the Enable button (if the button says Disable, Java is already enabled) 

1. Launch Safari browser
2. Click on Safari and select Preferences 
3. Click on the Security tab
4. Check (select) Enable Java check box
5. Close Safari Preferences window 

Opera 4.x and Up:
1. Opera for Windows does not use Java, but an embedded version already inside the Opera Web browser. 
2. Opera for other platforms may supports Java . Please consult your Opera platform documentation. 

To download the Mobile Banking App to your device, you must have an Online Banking profile and do the following steps: 

Visit the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store or Amazon App Store and search for “Peoples United Bank”. Follow instructions to download and register your device. 

1. Once you are logged into your online banking click ‘Documents’

2. Your accounts will be listed and you can choose ‘Last Statement’ or ‘All Statements’ next to the account that you need the statement for

Choosing ‘Last Statement’ will bring you to your most recent statement.

Choosing ‘All Statements’ will bring you to a range of statements and you can choose the one you want to view.

This offer is for People's United Bank Advantage checking customers only. Credit monitoring will remain free and in effect during the term that the Advantage checking account remains open. 

Learn More

Keeping your account safe and secure

Our accounts and cards come with standard features that help protect your purchases, your identity and your debit card.

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Zero liability

Shop with confidence in stores, on the phone, and on the Internet knowing that your People's United Bank Debit or Credit Card is protected against unauthorized purchases.1

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Identity theft monitoring

People's United Bank Debit and Credit cards provide monitoring of your online identity and card information and it will alert you of potential fraud or theft.2


1 Other conditions may apply. Please refer to Mastercard Zero Liability for additional information: http://www.mastercard.us/zero-liability.html

2 Additional conditions and restrictions apply. Please refer to your Guide To Benefits for details.

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