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Optional eTreasury+ Services

Additional Treasury Management Services are available through eTreasury+. If you would like more information regarding these services please contact our Client Support group at 1-866-831-5717.

This feature allows for electronic payments to be sent from your selected account(s) to a designated merchant through People's United eTreasury+. Additional fees may apply.

Service Agreements

In order to enroll in People's United eTreasury+, you must agree to the People's United Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) Agreement, which governs the use of People's United's eTreasury+.

Click Here to read the People's United Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) Agreement.

Use of Service constitutes acceptance of this Agreement. Before accessing eTreasury+ you should read this Agreement thoroughly and you may want to print it as it contains important terms that apply to you and anyone authorized to use eTreasury+. By accessing eTreasury+ or permitting anyone else to use it, you accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement on behalf of yourself and any person or entity authorized or otherwise permitted to act on your behalf.

Accounts Accessible through eTreasury+

If you choose to do so, you may link non-business accounts in eTreasury+, such as personal deposit and loan accounts. Pursuant to People's United Bank Business Online Banking (eTreasury+) Agreement, if you link an account in eTreasury+, all such accounts you link in eTreasury+ (both business and personal deposit and loan accounts) may be accessible by all of your company's eTreasury+ users. You may link accounts owned by other persons or entities for access by your company and its users in eTreasury+ only when expressly authorized to do so by the owners of those linked accounts who have given this authorization with full knowledge that the Primary User shall be entitled to personally access and act on all linked accounts and shall have the authority to entitle other Users to access and act on the linked accounts. It is your sole and exclusive responsibility to obtain this authorization from all linked account owners after informing them of the Primary User entitlements/authorizations.

If you link your personal deposit accounts, as a convenience to you, we will make your personal deposit account statements accessible in eTreasury+. Please note, that federal law requires banks to deliver periodic account statements to you either in paper form or electronically, if you consent to electronic delivery. It is strongly recommended that the individual owner(s) of the personal accounts subscribe to the Bank's consumer online banking service and elect to receive their account statements electronically. If the individual owners of personal accounts accessible through eTreasury+ do not subscribe to Bank's consumer online banking service including electronic statement delivery, as a courtesy you have the option to elect electronic delivery of statements for its personal accounts via eTreasury+, and the Bank will discontinue sending paper statements to the individual owners' most current mailing address according to Bank's records. Please note that depending on the type of consumer deposit account, you may incur a higher monthly fee for paper statements.

All requests for linking accounts are subject to review and approval by People's United. If your enrollment request contains a personal account, you hereby agree on behalf of each separate person owning the linked account(s) to be subject to the terms and conditions of the People's United Electronic Banking Agreement. You may elect, at your own risk and that of each owner of each linked account, but expressly not at the risk of the Bank, to use a common Company ID for accessing eTreasury+ for all linked accounts. You also agree any personal account(s) which are linked in this way will not be eligible to receive any actual Treasury Management Services.

By adding your personal account(s) in eTreasury+, you may not have access to certain services and transactions generally available to personal accounts through consumer online banking or the consumer mobile banking app with respect to the personal account(s), such as, but not limited to, External Transfers, Person-2-Person Pay, Personal Finance, Card Controls and alerts, Apple Pay Provisioning, stop payments, and other customer service actions. For further information or updates to services and transactions available to personal account(s) through eTreasury+, please contact the People's United Call Center at 800-525-9248.

You may not use the Service unless you agree to these terms and conditions. Before using the Service, you must check the "Agree" box below.

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