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Lockbox services

Outsource your accounts receivables for simplified handling of customer payments.

Outsource your accounts receivables

The faster your customer payments get processed, the faster your business gets paid. Using our Lockbox services will save you time and effort in collecting and processing payments on the same day.

Wholesale Lockbox

Provides efficiencies for clients with business-to-business (B2B) check payments.

Retail Lockbox

Ideal for clients receiving coupons with check/card payments.


Streamline payments made through online banking and other bill pay websites. Reduce paper checks, consolidate payments, and receive daily electronic deposits into your designated accounts.

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Use our Lockbox Services to:

  • Improve cash flow management 
  • Speed up processing time and funds availability 
  • Maintain accurate and timely information and reporting
  • Provide a more efficient reconciliation process, with exception handling 
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs

With Lockbox Services, we’ll save you time and effort.

Connect with a Treasury Management Expert

Whether you need to maximize your working capital, enhance operating efficiency, or control risk, we have treasury management products, services and tools to manage your business financial needs for long-term success.

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