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Solutions for business receivables

Maximize access to funds with fast, easy, secure ways to collect and process payments.

Accelerate your receivables

Use these services to make day-to-day operations even easier.

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ACH and
Wire Transfers

Collect electronic payments and wired funds efficiently.

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Image Cash Letter (ICL)

Streamline deposit processing and extend deposit cutoff times.

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Secure funds faster with simplified check handling.

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Digital Payment Services (DPS)

Process customer payments securely online and by phone.

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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Accelerate your business cash conversion cycle.

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Merchant card processing

Simple, fast and secure customer payment solutions.

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Cash Vault

Deposit and receive cash efficiently and securely via armored courier.

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Online banking with eTreasury+

Secure, integrated point of access to manage multiple accounts.

Video: Automating Receivables

How automation from People’s United can help you gain greater control of your Accounts Receivable function.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Using our Business Online Banking tool, eTreasury+, process collections quickly and securely, including same-day payments and the ability to carry any additional information pertaining to your transaction such as invoice number.

  • Streamline clients’ collection process
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency by reducing check processing
  • Same-day payments so you receive payments faster
  • Optional Electronic Data Interchange reporting provides detailed reference data

Wire Transfers
Incoming Domestic and International

Receive payments efficiently through incoming wires, in either U.S. dollars or other foreign currencies. Ensure quick access to funds by following settlement instructions for both domestic and international wires.

Lockbox services

The faster your customer payments get processed, the faster your business gets paid. Save time and effort collecting and processing payments, including processing payments on the same day.

  • Convenient automatic deposits on day of receipt
  • Customized, timely reporting
  • Secure access to deposit archive
  • Reduced rejections with secure web-based exceptions app
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Cash Vault Services

Designed for businesses that make frequent deposits and require a continuous inventory of coin and currency.

  • Convenience - Place order 24/7 without leaving your business
  • Security - Deposits and cash orders are delivered via armored courier
  • Savings - Reduce branch visits and travel expenses
  • Advanced Credit - Options credit business accounts in advance

Image Cash Letter (ICL)

Utilize your own internal check capture system to remotely scan your deposits and transmit an Image Cash Letter file securely to the bank for deposit to one or multiple approved accounts.

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Reduces paperwork and increases accuracy

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Eliminates trips to the bank

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Increases production and extends cutoff times

Mobile Deposit or Remote Deposit Capture

Both allow you to transmit check images for deposit at any time, but there's more.

Deposit checks straight from your mobile device
Deposit checks from your office using a special device
Deposit funds upon receipt with next day availability*
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Reduce deposit return risk, with faster feedback on returned checks
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Lower processing costs by saving time and travel expense associated with bank visits
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Manage receivables more efficiently with automated online reporting and image archive
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Streamline and simplify receivables administration
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*Refer to funds availability schedule

Collecting receivables is crucial to cash flow

We know that collecting receivables is crucial to cash flow. Our solutions help accelerate and simplify the process of collecting receivables so you can access funds more quickly.

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Whether you need to maximize your working capital, enhance operating efficiency, or control risk, we have treasury management products, services and tools to manage your business financial needs for long-term success.

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