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Solutions for business payables

Payment processing solutions that maximize efficiency and productivity.

Streamline payment processing

Use these Integrated and Automated Payment Solutions or Individual Payment Solutions to make day-to-day operations even easier.

Integrated Payables

Gain control and simplicity with a fully-compatible, integrated cloud-based platform to manage and execute all your business payments quickly, efficiently and securely. With our Integrated Payables capability, you’ll have more control and less risk of your cash flow, including:

  • Enhanced revenue potential
  • Increased discount capture
  • Reduced processing costs  
  • Augmented business continuity planning

Consolidate and automate your payments.


Rethink Accounts Payable with Invoice-to-Pay, an end-to-end online automated solution eliminating inefficiencies at critical points in the process. Invoice-to-Pay transforms your accounts payable with:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower processing costs
  • Reduced payment risk
  • Improved internal accounting controls

Capture, approve and pay invoices.

Video: Accounts Payable Solutions in a Remote Working Environment

People's United's Cris Sigovitch and Sherry Stewart offer their perspectives on how companies can reposition and create greater efficiencies in their A/P operations.

Individual Payment Solutions 

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Automated Clearing House

Make electronic payments quickly and securely.

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Wire transfers

Transfer funds quickly and securely.

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Foreign exchange

Manage international risk.

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Commercial card solutions

Maximize cash flow, create efficiency and improve expense management.

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Controlled disbursement

Maximize available cash flow.

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Payroll solutions

Efficient options for your payroll.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Make secure, fast, easy payments using our online business banking with eTreasury+. Perfect for Travel & Expense reimbursement, vendor payments, direct deposit of payroll, pre-authorized payments, tax payments and more.

  • Reduce paper checks and payment processing costs
  • Streamline funds transfer
  • Minimize processing errors and protect against file duplication
  • Get same-day payments and reporting
  • Optional Electronic Data Interchange reporting provides detailed reference data

Foreign exchange

Conduct your international business with a partner who understands your business, industry, and transaction volumes.

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Foreign currency payments in over 65 currencies

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Spot, Forward and Window Forward Contracts mitigate foreign exchange risk

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Foreign currency, checks, and drafts services at all branch locations

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Wire transfers

Move money around the country or around the world quickly and securely from any convenient branch location and at the click of a button through online banking.

  • Efficient - fast, reliable, final payments
  • Easy to use - create templates for repeat transfers
  • Secure - multiple layers of security with customizable security parameters unique to your users

Commercial Card Solutions

Your People's United credit card* helps your business get ahead with enhanced purchasing power and more efficient expense management.

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Choose from three flexible card solutions that work for your business

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Improve expense management and reduce the risk of fraud with audit controls

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Experienced staff delivers customer service for business cardholders

Controlled disbursement

Manage funds and minimize excess cash in a controlled disbursement account. Maximize investments and minimize borrowing to enhance your earning potential, manage your cash position and reduce the risk of overdrafts.

  • Access to daily forecast of the total dollar amount of checks clearing your account
  • Automatically or manually control funding
  • Leverage other liquidity management services, such as zero balance and sweep services

Payroll solutions

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Payroll ACH Direct Deposit

Boost payroll efficiency and gain greater control of the disbursement and reconciliation of payments by providing an employee direct deposit solution.

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Payroll Card

Secure and convenient, our reloadable payroll cards offer a paperless solution to pay employees via direct deposit – even employees who may not have a bank account.

Connect with a Treasury Management Expert

Whether you need to maximize your working capital, enhance operating efficiency, or control risk, we have treasury management products, services and tools to manage your business financial needs for long-term success.

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*Application and credit approval required.

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