Cash flow optimization

Liquidity and investment solutions.

Put your working capital to work

Maximize returns on idle cash. Minimize interest expense. Simplify cash accounts. We offer flexible liquidity and investment solutions that work hard for your business. We’ll help you save valuable time, maintain more control and manage risk.

Automated Investment Sweep

Automated Investment Sweep manages your business cash more effectively for you - without additional time or effort. Automatically invest surplus funds from idle accounts to enhance your profits, or transfer investment funds back to maintain liquidity for operating expenses.

  • Maximize use of overnight excess cash and eliminate idle funds
  • Maintain liquidity for operating purposes with next-day access to invested funds
  • Reduce risk of losing value or missing opportunity to invest in needed capabilities
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How it works

At the end of each business day, we’ll determine your available combined balance from all sources of funds.

If exceeds your target…then excess funds are automatically transferred or “swept” into an investment account earning interest at market rates.

If below your targetthen funds are automatically transferred from your investment account into your main checking account to cover expenses.

Zero Balance Accounting

Consolidate funds from multiple linked business checking accounts through automatic transfers to and from your central concentration account.

  • Simplify the management of cash balances
  • Avoid overdrafts
  • Eliminate manual transfers
  • Reduce idle balances

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How it works

At the end of each business day, we’ll bring your checking sub-accounts to a zero balance by automatically transferring funds to or from your centralized account through automated funding or debiting of multiple checking accounts. You can add or remove sub-accounts at any time.

Loan management

Borrow what you need, when you need it. Reduce expenses and save time with automatic transactions against your commercial line of credit.*

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Automatically reduce loan balances

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Minimize interest expense

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Eliminate manual transaction processes

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Reduce risk of overdrafts

Connect with a Treasury Management Expert

Whether you need to maximize your working capital, enhance operating efficiency, or control risk, we have treasury management products, services and tools to manage your business financial needs for long-term success.

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