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Google Pay

A fast, convenient way to pay online, in apps and in stores.

Use Google Pay with your People’s United account

Use your People's United Bank Commerical Credit Card and a compatible mobile device to make tap-to-pay and in-app purchases wherever Google Pay is accepted.

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Make payments as easy as a swipe and touch.

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Your Credit Card numbers are never seen by the merchant.

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Accepted in millions of stores and online destinations that you use every day.

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Get started!

Download Google Pay from Google Play

To set up your card for Google Pay, first you'll need to download the app from the Google Play store on your device, open the Google Pay app, and tap Get Started.

  • Give Google Pay access to your device location
    Tap the Connect to Gmail button to give Google Pay access to your device location so you can be notifed when you’re in a place accepting Google Pay. To use the locate feature, tap Turn On at the bottom of the screen.
  • Add a payment method
    Select to the Payment tab at the bottom of the Google Pay app, and then tap on Add Payment Method.
  • Add your new card to your account
    Tap Add a New Card and hover over your card with the camera window that pops up so it can capture your card information. Verify your card’s expiration date and CVC number, hit Save, then review the Terms of Service and tap Accept & Continue.
  • Verify your card
    Your bank will verify your card, with a message that your lock screen will be used for Google Pay. Tap the blue Got It button and you'll be directed to the Verify Your Card screen. Choose how to receive the verification number (via email or phone number, depending on your card), then tap Continue. Enter the number into the Verification Number field and tap Submit.
  • Start shopping
    Visit your favorite retail or online store and see how easy it is to use.


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