Advanced Tips


We put together advanced tips that will improve your bill payment experience. Learn how to schedule payments, get payment reminders and more.


  • Set "Filters" to see just the payees you wish to pay.

    You can add new payees, edit existing or delete payees right from the "Make Payment Page".
    Power user tip: If you have more than 50 payees, make use of our new sorting and filtering tools which can show you:

    Active payees Only – hides inactive payees

    1. Search Results – displays just the payees you are searching for
    2. Unpaid Items – displays payees with unpaid e-bills and/or payments that have reminders due
    3. Next Link – see the next 50 payees in your list

  • Sort your payees to make finding them a breeze.

    Sort payees by name, last paid or due date
    Note: Customers with 50 payees or more can choose from alphabetic list of payees to display.

  • Use the "Pending Payment Widget" to make quick edits to your payments.

    From Pending Payment widget, you may print confirmations, edit payments or cancel pending payments.

  • Get a quick status on recent payments with the "Processed Payment Widget"

    The Processed Payment widget shows the last five processed payments; click View bill payments report menu option to get a complete view of the last five processed payments.

  • Add a new payee and make a payment at the same time

    Under Pay Someone New enter the name of the new company or person you wish to pay and click "Add". A secondary window is displayed, where you can enter the payee account number and, if needed, the zip code and address.

    Once you've entered the required information, the payee is added. Click continue and you will see a screen saying the new payee has been added. Click Go to Make Payments. The new payee is temporarily highlighted in the list of payees.

  • Set up a Payment Reminder to help you remember those important bills.

    Payment reminders will alert you that an upcoming payment is due when you log in to pay bills. You will also receive email notification 10 days before payment is due. Payment reminders can be set up as a one-time occurrence or on a recurring basis.