Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I pay bills? Do I have to hit the 'Pay' button every time?
    Yes, please find the following instructions for making payments:
    1. 1. Enter the payment amount
    2. 2. Enter payment date if you wish to change it
    3. 3. Click the "PAY" button (located next to each payee)
    Repeat for each payee
    1. 1. Enter the payment amount
    2. 2. Enter payment date if you wish to change it
    3. 3. Click the "PAY" button (located next to each payee)

  • How do I setup automatic/recurring payments to my payees?

    To set automatic payments, click the payee name from the list of existing payees, select Pay Automatically from the drop down menu, choose the Pay automatically at regular intervals radio button, enter amount you wish to pay and frequency from the drop down menu and start date. You will have the option to choose to continue payment indefinitely or continue to pay until a date determined by you. Click Save Changes. You will notice payees who are set up for automatic payment are flagged on the Make Payment Page.

    Once you set automatic payments to existing payees, we will automatically withdraw the funds from your account to make the payment on the day you choose.

  • How do I add a new payee?

    To add a new payee enter payee name next to Pay someone new and click 'add'. A secondary window will appear. Enter payee account number and other information as needed.. When complete, the payee is added to your list and you can start making payment immediately.

  • Why do I see less payees listed on my list of payees?

    Up to 50 payees can be displayed on the make Payments page at one time. Simply click the 'next" link to see additional payee or use the sorting and filtering options to narrow your list of payees.

  • I just added a new payee, but I don't see it, where is the new payee I just added?

    When a new payee is added, it will automatically display at the bottom of your payee list. Once the payee list is refreshed, the payee will appear in the expected alphabetical position. Use the search, filters or sorting features to assist you in locating your newly added payee.

  • How can I use filters to more easily find my payee?

    From the Payment screen, choose from drop down menu next to the word "Show" All payees, Active payees Only or Unpaid Items. Once selected, your page will refresh with and show only the payee types you have indicated.

  • How can I sort my payees in a different order?

    From the Sort by drop down menu, you may choose to sort by Name, Last Paid, or Due Date. If you have 50 payees or more, you may also choose from an alphabetic list of payees to display.

  • What is the "Item needs your attention!" message? What is this alert?

    "Item needs your attention" will alert you when you receive e-bills, payments are due or past due.

    When you receive an alert you will see a message pop on the upper right corner with Yellow icon like this and a message displaying the number of items needing attention, for example: if you have 2 alerts, you will see a message that reads "2 Item needs your attention:"

    This alert notifies you of action you may need to take such as a past due notification or your e-bill is ready to be viewed.

  • How do I check my alerts?

    When you receive an Alert, Click on "Item needs your attention!", e-bills and notices will be displayed in a yellow box.

  • How do I change my recurring payment details?

    From the list of payees, choose the payee who is set for automatic payment and click the "Autopay link" and make changes.

  • How can I set payment reminders?

    To set Payment reminders, click the set up reminder link from the make payments page. On the secondary page that appears, enter the estimated due date for the payee and the frequency in which the payment is made. A payment reminder icon will then be displayed on the Make Payments page next to the payee.

  • How do I turn off payment reminders?

    From the payee options menu or the payee details page, click one payee you wish to turn off payment reminders, click change reminder options.

  • Will the new Bill Payment system retain my payee information?

    Yes the new Bill Payment system will retain all your current payee information such address, phone number and account number.

  • Will the new Bill Payment system retain prior payment history?

    Yes, the New Bill Payment system will retain your payment history.

  • Will the new Bill Payment system keep my payee nicknames?


  • Will my payments arrive faster or slower as a result of this upgrade?

    No, Your payments will continue to arrive within the same delivery date range we have provided.

  • Why is the option to add a memo not available to some payees but can be added to others?

    The option to add a memo to a payee is only available to payees who receive paper checks. The memo will be printed on the lower left hand corner of the check.

  • I tried to sort or filter my payee list and I got an error message. Why can’t I see my payees?

    You are having trouble customizing the display of your payees (Ex. Showing active payees only, Show Payees Starting with P –Z, etc), please be sure you are using the most up to date web browsers. Please see below for the list of internet browsers that are supported by the People’s United Bank website.

    Operating System Microsoft Internet Explorer® Apple Inc. Safari® Mozilla Firefox® Google Chrome®
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    Windows® Vista 7 or higher 5.X 3.X 6.X
    Windows® 7 8 5.X 3.X 6.X
    Mac OS X 10.5
    N/A 5.X 3.X 6.X
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    (Snow Leopard™)
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